Take Me On A World Tour //

Billabong outfit 6

We all want to travel the world, I dream about it quite often.

Paris, Santorini, Ireland, Europe. . .the list could touch the floor. I want to run around &

take in everything around me. The culture, the beautiful people, the

scrum-diddly-umptious food, and the stories I get to bring back home. Cheers to my

first blog post for Two Little Birds & the adventures (including traveling) that is about to set flight.

Billabong outfit

outfit deets //

Billabong Tank

Brandy Melville Bralette 

BDG Slim Boyfriend Jeans

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crossbody Bag

Dainty Feather Necklace


Billabong outfit 3

Billabong outfit 4

Billabong outfit 5

Billabong outfit 2

kiss the boys & make them die ♥

xx Makenzie



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