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juice copyIf you follow us on social media you would already know that we have just completed our very first 3 day juice cleanse. If you don’t follow us, well…then this is news to you & you should stop what you’re doing and go follow @twolittlebirdswanderwest on Instagram, and @twolittlebirdss on Twitter before you miss out on life even more.

We went into the cleanse not knowing how our bodies would react. 6 juices spread out in 2 hour increments throughout the day, how would anyone know what to expect.
To be honest the 1st day we were extremely confused at the fact that we felt tipsy almost all day long, but then after doing a bit of research we came to the conclusion that since your body is releasing all of the toxins within, it can cause fogginess in the mind.

Day 2 by far was the hardest day. There was a point in time where Bree almost didn’t make it and we hit a new level of insanity. Please visit @breerandall on Instagram and refer to the ‘cousin IT’ photo-op. However, with a little bit of 5SOS + a whole lot of praying, we made it through the hardest day we’ve ever faced…on a juice cleanse that is.

The glorious day 3 came around, and we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the help of a couple handful of almonds paired with our juices, we made it through successfully.

Overall, it was a challenge that we would gladly face again because it took away all of the bloating & discomfort that we tend to get from process foods and sugars. Bottom line we felt fabulous when Saturday came around and we could eat a balanced, nutritious meal again.

Juice cleanses aren’t meant for weight loss, but are meant to kick-start that new healthy lifestyle change that you are striving towards. Thank you to Porrovita for the encouraging words throughout our 3 day journey, and AMAZE juices. We highly suggest doing the Porrovita Juice Cleanse for any first-timers out there if you are in the Newport Beach area.

xx bree + makenzie


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