Pizza Wasted

IMG_2695-2It’s an ongoing love affair that I have with pizza + an infinite love. Pepperoni, cheese, veggie, mushroom, pineapple, bbq chicken, just name it and I will without a doubt eat it. I could probably out eat anyone in a pizza eating contest, but that’s besides the point. Whenever I really want to spoil myself I go for (HANDS DOWN) a bbq chicken pizza anywhere at anytime. My body afterwards definitely isn’t thanking me, but I cannot pass up that cheesy goodness! What would life be without pizza!? Boring I tell you, and sad, that is why there is a heart-eyed happy face in my pizza shirt…duh. Read between the lines people. IMG_2718IMG_2709 IMG_2705 IMG_2700 IMG_2684dem outfit deets //

Pizza > People tank from the raddest-of-rad brands Pyknic – – WARNING this shirt will make you hungry

this flannel is my everything & one of my best buys…it’s a light blousy material instead of heavy cotton…I bought it at Kitson awhile back & it is by Alicia + Megan…here & here are other flannel options

shorts are vintage & made by Bree given to me…she’s just the sweetest

I still bless my older sister to this day for pushing me to buy these Zara clogs because they have stolen my heart since…I bought them from the LA vintage store Wasteland (favsies) but here are some

IMG_2707 IMG_2676kiss the boys & make them die ♥ // then go eat a pizza

xx makenzie


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