Pineapples + Pipeline

DSC03657DSC03625There was one single thing I wanted to do on my first ever trip to Hawaii. That was to drive to the North Shore and have my feet touch the same sand of all the amazing surfers to surf pipeline. Remember those weird obsessions that I have…pipeline is one of them. Unfortunately it’s flat during the summer months, but being able to finally be on that shore was amaze. It’s the little things in life. . .DSC03663Little did I know we would come across this beauty along the way. Yes, the mother of all pineapples! I was a little kid in a candy store at the Dole Plantation, but instead of candy I was surrounded by pineapples, which is SO much better. . .right? Whilst taking in everything & anything pineapple I was snapchatting & texting Bree in every moment. Did I mention that I drove past hundreds of acres of pineapples? It took everything in me to not tuck & roll out of the car and grab one to bring home. Well it took everything and the fact that it’s a $500 fine if they catch you. I may be good, but I don’t think I’m that good. I did however pay & took home my own pineapple that I gladly named Paula the Pineapple, along with a little gift for Bree. Shhhhhh. . .she doesn’t know.
DSC03640 DSC03652if you’re interested in what I’m wearing feat. Paula the Pineapple //

one of my favorite purchases from Brandy Melville is this Aneita Top + I wear it as a dress & a top (double trouble)

unlike Bree. . .these are one of my first pairs of Levi’s from Urban Outfitters

my go-to-every-damn-day sandal that I have in patten nude + black from Cathy Jean

newest addition to my sunnies collection, golden brown Ray Bans

DSC03648 DSC03660 DSC03644DSC03661kiss the boys & make them die ♥ + eat lots of pineapple, unless your allergic (cough cough Bree)

xx makenzie



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  1. September 22, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    Such a cute post 🙂 I’d love to head to Hawaii one day to watch the pro surfers at work and now I have a massive craving for pineapple! Maybe Hawaii is the next way to go for my adventures next year… 🙂

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