IMG_2849I’ve come to a little bit of a realization within these last couple of days. It’s pretty deep. . .are you ready. . .I don’t think you’re ready. Okay, you cannot wait and rely on other people to make your dreams come true. BOOM, mind blowing stuff I know. I find myself doing this often, actually more often lately. I think to myself, there is no way I can do this on my own, and I’ll most definitely need this person to get to the next step. I rely on others everyday, but in my life one seems to have a reoccurring role over all the rest. My dreams. I wait for things to happen through other people, and then when they’re ripped away from me I can’t do anything about it because I never started it on my own in the first place. Even though this was definitely a wake up call, I’m glad it happened because it did just that. It woke me up from a sleepy haze, and has only given me more of a drive to get it done. Prove to others that I don’t need them to make my dreams come true because I have something so much more powerful than just them…Christ. And with Him and I as a team, nothing can stop us. IMG_2872 IMG_2874 IMG_2891outfit details //

THIS DRESS, I have to take a hot minuet and talk about it. I kid you not, every single time I wear this I get stopped by someone, on average about 3 times, telling me it is the best thing they have ever seen, & where in the world did I get it? The ladies at Windsor are the givers of this beauty, and it was my favorite piece to wear this summer, but I will somehow continue to wear it & make it work in the fall.

favorite booties ever purchased & have been worn to the absolute death are my Sam Edelman Petty Boot.

hidden underneath is my Intimately Free People Seamless Mini Slip

my hat is from Bree’s hat wall & Brixton has a similar one

the Guardian Angel Pendant from Energy Muse around my neck is very special to me & was given to me by my Aunt when my Papa passed away 3 years ago
IMG_2894IMG_2873 IMG_2897IMG_2968 IMG_2957kiss the boys & make them die ♥

xx makenzie



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