mermaidLet’s get down to business…mermaids are real and I may or may not be one. Well that’s at least what my parents told me while I was growing up…I have two webbed toes (obviously mini mermaid fins), I’m obsessed with the ocean, swam like a fish at 2 and had a fascination with the little mermaid hence my dogs name, Ariel. So obviously after telling you my mermaid life story it’s only fitting that I blog about my FAVORITE wildfox tee and free people bell bottoms.

mermaid5mermaid6This simple oversized graphic has a list of a few of my favorite things and pairing it with my favorite safari hat (one of the first hats of my collection I started in high school) and my coolest pair of bell-bottoms makes for a simple yet groovy look.

mermaid1mermaid3 Shop this look //

Mermaid Tee: Wildfox

Jeans: Free People

Bangles: Free People

Safari Hat: Urban Outfitters (2010…they don’t have it anymore)mermaid2

Stay Golden //

xx bree


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