The Pacific Coast

birds 1There is nothing we love more than socializing, laughing, & sometimes even crying over a good solid meal. Crying usually from laughing, or because the food is so to-die-for you just shed a tear. Hasn’t that ever happened to you?…no need to answer that. Moving on. WE, are the biggest foodies in the history of foodies. There was a moment in time we almost went broke because we thought we could have the luxury of trying every restaurant on the pacific coast. That was the understatement of the century. But instead of sitting in another restaurant eavesdropping on conversations & making up stories about the couples enjoying their dinner dates, we decided to take to the beach & enjoy the fresh fall air at sunset. Girlfriends, hummus, sushi, salads, & most importantly candy corn to cure that sweet tooth. So romantic, we know. There is nothing better than laying out a blanket, or in our case Bree’s tapestry, sitting in a circle, and enjoying those little moments of goodness as the sun slowly goes to sleep.  birds 7 birds 3 birds 5birds 2 birds 6 birds 9 birdskeep calm & keep eating

xx bree + makenzie


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