Eat Now, Diet Later

birds blogLets be real for a quick sec. Deep down (some deeper than others) there is a joyous fat kid that lives inside each and every one of us, and he/she loves to make their presence known in the toughest of times. Like when there is a hot, sizzling bbq chicken pizza sitting in front of you, and everything is telling you no, walk away, but they are screaming DO IT! Since my shirt does read “eat now, diet later” I thought it was only fitting to talk about food. I hate the word diet. In all honesty it scares the living out of me. So rather than diet, and starve myself (because that’s seriously what it feels like) I eat now, and diet NEVER. Bree and I are all for ice cream, pizza, and french fries…in moderation that is. If I could eat those things everyday and it not matter, you bet your bottom dollar I would. But it does matter, and my body hates me for it, so I can only do it from time to time, like once a week. It’s called a cheat day, and BOY do I take full advantage of it. I still absolutely love to eat right. So rather than call it a diet and cry into our ‘leaves’, get creative with all the healthy goodness that surrounds you! Gigi Hadid (girl crussssh) said, “Eat clean to stay fit & have a cheat day to stay sane”, yes….just yes. Study it, breathe it, live it, become it.  birds blog 3birds blog 5birds blog 1outfit goodies //

Eat Now Diet Later tee by the hungry fellas Pyknic

the best ripped denim cutoffs by Paige Denim

fun fact: the very first pair of Steve Maddens that I ever purchased // grey washed combat boot

denim long sleeve button up from Forever 21 (gasp I know)
birds blog 2 birds blog 4kiss the boys & make them die ♥

xx makenzie


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  1. February 19, 2015 / 3:39 pm

    The struggle is real.

    I cannot resist stuffing my face with carbs on the regular. Just means lots and lots of circuit training…

    P.S. Girl, I love me some Forever 21.


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