Hey Babe, You’re a Babe, Babe


4326978One of the greatest gifts in life. . .my best babes. This Valentine’s Day I will have not one, not two, but three Valentine’s. I know. . .I’m so greedy, but seww loved. So many babes, so little time. Even though there will be no receiving of flowers, or chocolate from any mystery man, there will be a piñata shaped as a heart and taking turns with a baseball bat to repeatedly smash it until chocolate comes spilling out, so that technically counts as the same thing. I’m joking by the way, BUT I’m not saying that I haven’t always wanted to do that. The point of the matter is…surround yourself with love, and people you love, and more love on Valentine’s Day and everyday! I will be spending it with best friends that have stuck by me through the hard times & the good times, and just times really. Also keep in mind, it’s Single Awareness Day a.k.a. spend more times reminiscing & stirring up trouble with your girlfriends & that’s just half the fun…oh happy day!IMG_4305IMG_4231IMG_4236IMG_4288 IMG_4278 IMG_4313the lovely outfit //

Hey Babe, You’re A Babe, Babe tank from Living Doll

lace kimono from Jacks Surfshop…I know right?

my favorite Paige denim jeans (high-waisted)

Jeffrey Campbell Moto Boot at Nasty Gal

the maroon choker from Jay.Nicole that I some how pull off wearing almost everyday

Bree’s black Overland hat that we both overly wear

most of all my bracelets are from Energy Muse Jewelry + layering these babies is my favorite thing to do

IMG_4317kiss the boys & make them die…literally this time ♥

xx makenzie



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