IMG_3720_zps9bohivrk-4There are times when all I want to do is use this as an outlet. A place to tell all my stories, my dreams, my inspiration, my heartbreaks. Then I remember that this is the World Wide Web, and you all probably don’t really care about my heartbreaks, or dreams, or stories because we all have those…it’s nothing new. I also have a really cute journal from Kate Spade that I always take full advantage of, as well as my girlfriends. What would we seriously do without our girlfriends?! I honestly think I may be lost without them, or family…definitely family as well. Clearly I am already lost just writing this, and as you can see there is no point to it. It’s just me rambling on about nothing, and using it as an outlet. . .IMG_3705_zpsem3veifp-4IMG_3691_zpsp3xgvsaq-3outlet outfit //

this sleek winter white midi blazer that made me feel almost as fabulous as Meredith Grey from Greys Anatomy is from Windsor + i love it <3

hidden underneath is one of my favorite impulse muscle tank graphic buys from Brandy Melville awhile back + the white tiger just gets me

my barely there jeans are from Urban Outfitters. . .i couldn’t find them online, but I found you babes two similar versions here & here

shoes are Connies (converse) which you can get anywhere & everywhere

the little details //

Jay Nicole Arrow Necklace

Energy Muse Guardian Angel Necklace

I literally found this vintage coin at the bottom of my purse one day, and decided to make it into a necklace. . .WAH-LA!

i bought my best girlfriends & i these tree branch necklaces for Christmas signifying “I would go out on a limb for you” from Nordstrom

my rose gold Ray Ban sunnies that I cherish with all my heart. . .best every day sunglasses to ever own

IMG_3714_zps2rz8bois-2 IMG_3692_zpsszbaodus-4kiss the boys & make them die ♥

xx makenzie


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