On The Western Front

IMG_6655_zps0dq0jtub-2IMG_6662_zpsmkxrkcls-2 No, this blog post is not going to be about World War l, or ll. Yes, that is where the saying “on the western front” came from in case you were wondering. However, if I did do a post focused on that it would probably help out Bree with her history homework (hehe). The title just fit so perfectly with my get-up, and the golden hay so beautifully set behind me. What’s really been on my mind is the unknown. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, what next month, or next year will bring. I look back on my life just a year ago till now and see how much has changed, and how I have continued to grow and learn. Have you ever done the same? Are you happy with what you see? If not, change it!! You, and only you are in control of your life, and your future. Don’t let that little voice in your head stop you from what you were simply born to do. I am so stupidly excited for the future birds, I can’t even fully express to tell you! Cheers to the unknown!!IMG_6639_zpsmtzw5hlk-2IMG_6653_zpszvt0899s-2IMG_6664_zpsifgsk8jd-2IMG_6657_zpsn9sf0vpx-2IMG_6613_zpshknmazgi-2western outfit //

the maxi t-shirt that may or may not have the coolest name…Alone At Last Maxi T-shirt gifted by our mates at Tobi + it makes a statement, yet is still simple. I am a minimalist to no end.

my gorgeous Horizons Mala beads that I have fallen head over heels in love with…gifted to the both of us from Tiny Devotions // for all of our yogis, and zen koalas out there, this site is all for you.

denim: by Volcom & originally from Jack’s Surf Shop in store, but Urban Outfitters has a rad collection of denim as well.

hat: bought in store at Free People, but the possibilities are endless online as well.

shoes: how could we ever forget about my unavailable-amazing Zara clogs purchased at my favorite vintage store, Wasteland. I am non-stop on the look out for these babies, or anything remotely close for you birds…but still nothing. I still absolutely love these.

IMG_6641_zpsikvg5xrn-2IMG_6659_zpstml0r3da-2kiss the boys & make them die ♥

xx makenzie


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