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one simple word, that has such an effect on my life. I woke up today wanting to write. I wasn’t planning on taking these imperfecting photos that I literally took this morning and transforming them into a full blog post. BUT I also didn’t want to write a novel as a caption on Instagram to get my point across. I just honestly wanted to talk to you birds. 2 years ago during the month of May I got my first tattoo. It was on my brothers 18th birthday, and him, my older sister, and my mum (I know shocking) all took the leap to get tattoos together. It was a family affair…well except for my dad wanted nothing to do with it. It’s okay though, he still loves each and every one of us. I chose to ink the word breathe on the outside of my left wrist, with the t forming into a cross. Meaning :: you know that feeling when everything feels like it’s closing in on your life, and you are trying to be SO in control, but honestly it’s too much and you can’t catch your breath? Yeah, well that’s where my tattoo came from. I had just recently experienced my first death in my family, as well as a shattering heartbreak. Navigating through pain, and sadness is hard, I don’t have to tell you that, but I’m the kind of person that wants to actually feel feelings rather than push them aside…I know, so weird right? You can imagine the kind of emotional roller coaster I was going through. We all have hard times. I know there are much harder things in life, but within these moments I needed to remember to do two things…breathe & let God. I know I could of easily gone with the words faith, or trust, but those nouns didn’t settle and feel as right as the verb breathe. Some see my tattoo, some don’t. If they do it’s always, “do you need to remind yourself to breathe?”. So clever right? But it gives me a chance to share a short story with them, and leave a little piece of me behind. Who knew one word could mean so much.

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