Waking Up With The Birds // Forehead Kisses feat. good hYOUman

bree randall for good hyouman bree randall for good hyoumanbree randall for good hyouman

“A kiss on the forehead is unidirectional, it does not anticipate a reply nor does it need one,” source unknown. 
bree randall for good hyoumanbree randall for good hyouman

In all honestly, I’ve never been the hopeless romantic type. I’ve grown up reading books and I’ve fallen in love with the characters Nicholas Sparks and other romance authors tell stories about. . .but that’s about as far as I would let my imagination go. I never really thought I would want to be loved by anyone outside of my family and circle of friends. . .I’ve been comfortable loving and being loved by these people my whole life, why would I need anyone else? I know. . .it sounds crazy but that’s what I’ve believed. My view on life, love, friends and family has truly evolved and matured over the years. I value much more now that I’m “older.” I’m still a kid but I’m a kid who dreams about more than just traveling the world alone. . .I appreciate the little sweet things like forehead kisses.
bree randall for good hyouman

 forehead kisses. . .are underrated.

My dad has always given me forehead kisses or butterfly kisses goodnight and my mama always made sure to kiss me above my brows for the sweetest dreams. Being kissed on the forehead by your parents is a precious treasure but being kissed on your forehead by a boy . . .a boy that you really dig is another story. It’s like sweet tea on a hot summer day. . .the feeling when the sun kisses your shoulders while sitting on the beach. Yes, this is what forehead kisses are to me. Who knew that this simple, sweet and totally innocent gesture was just the thing to give me gigantic pterodactyl’s (apparently that’s how you spell out the flying dinosaurs…news to me) flying around in my stomach. Next time you go in for a kiss do a quick switcharooo and go for the forehead. . .it’s simple and perfect.

That’s how all first kisses should go, in my honest opinion.
bree randall for good hyoumanforhead kisses are underrated good hyoumanbree randall for good hyoumanbree randall for good hyouman

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bree randall for good hyoumanbree randall for good hyouman

Enjoy the simple things in life. . .like forehead kisses.

Stay Golden //

xx Bree


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