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two little birds wander west tobi clothingtwo little birds wander west tobi clothingIMG_5664

Tis the season for late night study sessions, overdosing on coffee (chai tea for me) and becoming a pro at procrastination, otherwise known as midterms. For both college students and high school students this is a time where we can predict whether or not the semester is going to be a good one when it comes to our grade point average. Instructors test your knowledge on the last 9 or so weeks of lectures, busy work and study sessions. If you’re like me then you totally freak out when it comes to tests. Math tests, history tests, blood tests…you name the test and I’ve probably had a minor panic attack during each one you name. I truly think the only test I’ve ever felt confident in was my driving test at 16. . .it may or may not have had something to do with my dad letting me drive around illegally all my life but that’s besides the point of todays post.


If you’re like me and you can’t stand the way teachers expect all their students to be the same learners and test takers then you might want to keep reading. This is NOT a rant but more of a conversation I have with myself often -no I’m not crazy. . .well maybe just a little! I’m more of a visual learner, if a teacher draws out what they are talking about I’ll remember it forever. When I go to take a test I get a little monster in my head telling me that I don’t know what I’m doing. . .this is a super evil monster who likes to belittle my knowledge and sometimes I let it win and I score low on the test. Most of my test anxiety is built up from FEAR aka false evidence appearing real. . .I go in to the test thinking it’s going to determine my life’s goals, WHAT IS THAT!?! I’m way smarter than thinking a little scantron exam is going to determine my destiny! I’m 22 years old and I think I am just now figuring out that a test is not the definition of my intelligence. I am worth much more than a grade in my stats and accounting class. I believe everyone will experience success in their life. . .hopefully lots and lots of success. If you’re reading this and you suffer from T.A (test anxiety, this is something I just made up haha) I’m telling you to stop and breathe and look at the big picture! A test isn’t going to make it or break it for you! Keep chasing your dreams, babes! Cheers to a weekend stuck behind my laptop and law books. Good luck on your midterms and remember to have a little fun while learning. . .you get to literally make your brain grow with knowledge!!
two little birds wander west tobi clothing

d e t a i l s / /


For my third & final look from our babes at Tobi I give you the ever-so-chic Crushing Hearts Striped Crop Top + Skirt // crushing hearts is exactly what you will be doing in this two piece

my denim jacket draped ever-so-slightly over my shoulders is from Brandy Melville

those nude wedges peeping out to say hello are from Steve Madden & you can find some here + here

my rose gold vision comes from my F A V O R I T E pair of sunnies from Ray Ban


The perfect blue bird inspired bell sleeved dress from tobi. . . I fell in love with this the second I saw it. Here is the closest thing to it. . .get it before this ones gone too!

I’m currently saving for thigh high boots from free people but I borrowed these to complete the look!

turquoise necklace :: lucky brand I love my my jewelry from lucky because its great quality, totally my style and they usually have a great sale section that I drool over


all images shot by @kaylagazsi  at my super adorable itty bitty college that I love dearly. I mostly love the last few buildings that they haven’t remodled yet from the 70’s. I want to protest any upgrades they plan on doing because it’s just so perfect! IMG_5637 IMG_5668stay groovy baby

xx bree (this posts writer) + makenzie


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