Simple Saturdays Ft. Naughty Monkey Boots

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Saturday mornings are meant to be spent having yummy breakfast with a cup of tea (or coffee for you caffeine lovers) in an easily put together outfit. Having your favorite basics all in one outfit makes for the perfect breaky look. This look is simple to throw on in just a few minutes and run out the door to meet your girlfriends for belly filling pancakes; this is my “simple saturday” look, just a few basics paired with two of my favorite fall statement pieces. I can honestly say that I have worn this outfit a few times these past 3 weeks and every time I wear it my two requirements are met: 1) comfortable 2) cute. So as you get ready this morning grab a basic tank or tee, your favorite jeans, tie a mini scarf around your neck and throw on a jacket (leather jackets totally pair with this look too!)Image 11-7-15 at 12.32 AM (12)Image 11-7-15 at 12.31 AM (3)

the jeans.

 These high waisted jeans are from free people and I can’t tell enough people how amazing these things are! Seriously…they are extremely comfortable + stretchy and they give your booty an extra little lift (which we could all use the extra lift with gravity being a part of our lives and all). Also, if you don’t own a free people basic tank, do yourself a favor and grab one in every color, I replace these things every few months because I wear them so much! Image 11-7-15 at 12.30 AM (1)Image 11-7-15 at 12.32 AM (3)Image 11-7-15 at 12.32 AM (7)

the boots.

These are my fall go to flat brown boots! I think everyone in my family and circle of friends are sick of seeing my 4 year old coachella brown flat boots that I have officially worn to death (literally, the sole ripped off!) so when these little brown babies arrived at my door step I slipped them on and fell in love with the fit, color and comfort. If you’re looking for the perfect flat boot at a reasonable price, look no more because these little cuties are the bomb.comImage 11-7-15 at 12.31 AM (11)Image 11-7-15 at 12.32 AM (10)Image 11-7-15 at 12.30 AM (3)Image 11-7-15 at 12.32 AM (1)Image 11-7-15 at 12.31 AMImage 11-7-15 at 12.31 AM (9)

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boots: from the babes over at naughty monkey they are true to size fyi!

jeans: free people I suggest going up a size because sometimes their jeans fit a little snug. they are reasonably priced (especially for free people’s pricing!) and they come in several fall colors!

tank: free people

fringe jacket: from my previous post (my fall favorite)

neck scarf: it’s my mama’s

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stay golden //

xo bree


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