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Bree RandallBree RandallI absolutely love a 60’s classic look; I try my best to incorporate a little sprinkle of 60’s and 70’s in my daily looks because it literally makes my soul happy. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge forever 21 fan but this year I have really been impressed with their pieces and ability to bring quality to fast fashion. Of course forever 21 still has their cheap “throw away clothes” but I have stumbled upon some real gold must haves. This is my “I’m taking over Monday” look. It’s 4 simple pieces that are easy to throw on and look like you really tried; the bow top and suede skirt are easy to dress up or down with the help of the PPLA layering jacket and Jeffrey Campbell boots.Bree RandallBree Randall

Let’s be honest, Mondays can be a total drag and it is hard to stay motivated after a nice relaxing weekend and not to mention the constant negativity about how horrible Mondays are everywhere you scroll on social media. I know you’re going to think I’m totally nuts for saying this but I actually happen to like Mondays; Mondays mean I get to wake up and go to school -I’m that girl who enjoys school and counts down the days that vacation is over…I know, I’m nuts.

Bree RandallBree RandallI also really think putting together a killer outfit for Monday at work or school helps push through the beginning week blues. My Sunday nights look a little like this: shower, make a few cups of sleepy time tea, play soft relaxing music like Ben Howard or Lord Huron, and scroll through pinterest to find my outfit inspiration. When I’m scrolling through pinterest I usually look for an outfit that best fits the weather conditions and my predicted Monday mood, then I finally pick 2-3 looks and I see what I have in my closet that is somewhat similar and I create the look. Usually my outfit ends up looking the complete opposite from my inspiration picture but it really helps me get inspired to dig through my closet and create something new. As lame as this may sound, picking out my outfit the night before is somewhat therapeutic. So instead of stressing out about what the heck you’re going to wear to work or school the morning of, you should just prep the night before and turn it into a relaxing experience…light a relaxing candle, make some tea (or a glass of wine) and play you favorite music while you pick out your look of the day.Bree RandallBree RandallBree RandallProcessed with VSCOcam with kk2 presetBree RandallProcessed with VSCOcam with kk2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with kk2 presetBree Randall

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Olive Jacket: People’s Project LA I love this brand and their whole vibe..check them out!!

Bow Top: Forever 21

Suede Skirt: Forever 21

Lace Up Boots: They are Jeffrey Campbell and available at Free People Or Nordstrom

Polaroid: Shout out to my cousin for buying this for me for my birthday! Yay! Urban Outfitters

Star Crown: Free People 

Stay Golden //

xx Bree


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