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Bree Randall Trust Jewelry Bree Randall Trust Jewelry Woohhooo we’ve made it to see another Monday! Truly that is a blessing that I try to remind myself of every Monday morning as my alarm clock blasts the song “what a wonderful world” into my ears. In order to wake up positive I’ve made it my mission to make the waking up process a happy one. I roll out of bed, open the windows (or curtains when it’s winter) and turn on happy music that makes me wiggle as I brush my teeth. Waking up positive leaks positivity throughout the day and it makes for a better, happier 12 hours while you’re out and about.Bree Randall Trust Jewelry Bree Randall Trust Jewelry bree randall bree randall Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

The last few weeks I have been trying to pay more attention to the people around me and spread a little love in their life, even the strangers. What is your love language to others? I’ve found that a simple smile can go so far. When I’m driving and I see the older woman cross the street sometimes I’ll give a little wave and smile or when I’m walking to class I’ll smile at random strangers or give compliments to the girls who have something cute on. Everyone needs a little love and encouragement throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll text my family members how much  I love them just because. This is the kind of stuff that feeds my soul. So I triple dog dare YOU to do something today a weeee bit outside of your comfort zone….smile at the girl that always looks so sad in your class, wave to the mom pushing her kids in the stroller, wish your coffee barista the best day and give her/him an extra tip just because, call your grandparents and tell them how much you appreciate their love and support, leave your landlord a special note along with the monthly rent check (this one is a tough one for me since I’m literally signing away my money to her but she always comments on how much she loves my little notes), comment on someones instagram selfie about how beautiful they are inside and out. Just go out and spread some love, find your love language for strangers. This life is so beautiful and people deserve to know how much they are loved. bree randall bree randall bree randall bree randall Processed with VSCOcam with m4 presetbree randall bree randall bree randall Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

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The Daintiest Layering Necklaces: these were gifted from the mega babe, Tanya, at Trust Jewelry. She has magical jewelry that is perfect for your every day go to look. I love my moon necklace and my personally engraved roman numeral necklace. USE CODE: SPREADTHELOVE for 10% off your order. **this is the perfect birthday stop shop or girls only valentines day present for your bff’s**

My new hat: gifted from my friends for my birthday but you can shop it at Nordstrom and it’s only $38!

Basic Tee: I purchased this at Nordstrom a few months ago but here’s some other options, click here.

Denim: I borrowed these denim beauties from Kenzie but you can shop similar pairs at
Brandy Melville (distress them yourself) or Urban Outfitters.

Sparkle Shoes: Target…these things are amazing. Like my dream sparkle shoes come true.

Stay Golden Babes //

xx Bree


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