i love u more than french fries

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m4 preseti can’t wait for the day where i can honestly look a man in the eyes & with a straight face say the words, “i love you more than french fries, & pizza, & burgers, combined”. . . but until that magical day comes i’ll stick to saying it to the people i love the mostest.

Valentines Day is this weekend, blah blah blah D R I N K.

that’s one way you can look at it & i’m going to be honest because, am i ever anything but? A little part of me def views Valentines Day as another little reminder that i am single. . .still single. . .la la laaaaa. . .yup, still single. BUT then the other part of me is like, okay, okay, chill out toots, you’re fabulous, who cares, cause fries & burgers & pizza tastes JUST as good alone, than with someone else, am i right?!Processed with VSCOcam with m4 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

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seww if you’re like me, alone on Valentines Day, here’s my tips foe yeww.

BEST CURE EVER, have a motha friggin’ I Hate Valentines Day Party with your other single jerls & please invite me. I’ll bring the baseball bat, if you supply the piñata.

ahhh, like me again & have ZERO single girlfriends? No worries loves because that’s what Netflix is for with a little Pressed Juicery Freeze on the side. My faves to watch on Netflix atm (or always) is New Girl, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, & Gilmore Girls.

BUT before you close out the night with all the above maybe watch the sunset whilst journaling outside, or inside with a feel good smelly soy candle lit. My fave is Grace and James Candle Company. Journal about what you love about yourself. It may sound cheesy and, like, oh-so self centered, but whateverrrr. Confidence is POWER. The qualities you adore the most & some day someone else will be obsessed. Again, just because you don’t have someone to be romantical with, does NOT mean you should just throw it out the window.

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i want to close with, i know how you feel. Being lonely sucks, like really sucks. Sometimes i’m supes strong about it, and i’m supes good at entertaining when it’s just me, myself, and i. But that’s not the life we live, and sometimes you just want to be told you’re beautiful, or have someone look at you and really see you for who you truly are, or or when Mr. Big travels to Paris just to tell Carrie, “you’re the one”. . .too far? And even though sometimes it feels like i’ve completely closed my heart to love, i know there will be someone to bust down those doors, tug on those heart strings, and then it will all make sense.

I’m a FIRM believer in love & that everything happens for a reason. So we stay strong babe. We eat those french fries & we def don’t look back. Most importantly we lose ourselves in things that we love, for that is where we will find ourselves too.

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white tee :: good hYOUman “I Love You More Than French Fries”

ripped denim cutoffs :: Urban Outfitters 

sneakers :: Converse

boston red sox baseball cap :: snagged it whilst I was visiting Boston but HERE it a similar one


hold on + keep believing ♥

xx makenzie



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  1. M
    February 18, 2016 / 12:49 am

    So. Many. Feels.

    Could I get a second opinion, though?

    I feel like you at times. I’ll see romantic scenes in movies or pictures, or I’ll even see couples walking holding hands. I worked on Valentine’s Day thinking I was fortunate because I wouldn’t be so alone. Little did I know, I felt the same loneliness, because I saw every couple ever go have fun together as I enjoyed my last predetermined meal for the day…. ugh…. But that’s the thing. When I start to feel lonely I often find myself just filling that void with my grind. I’ll go work on career related things or occupy my brain in such a way that I won’t think about my singleness. These evenings though when I’m Netflixing, I always realize how easily someone else could fit on the couch and Netflix with me, too. You think it’s healthy to ignore these urges? Is this a normal thing that all single people who are aiming high in their careers paths do? You think Ryan Renolds just kept hustling until he met Blake Lively?

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