Feel The Birdie Burn feat. Onzie

two little birds wander westtwo little birds wander westWe were all born to be physical beings. You are meant to move, & continuously move. Movement, health, fitness are three things we have always taken seriously. Since we were both little youngins our moms placed us in multiple dance classes. Tap, ballet, jazz, combo classes, hip hop. . .you name it, we performed it on stage with red lipstick & blue eyeshadow (why dear God, why!?). It wasn’t until we both hit the age of 20 & we weren’t regularly taking classes 6 times a week, when we had to take fitness & our health into our own hands.IMG_0793IMG_1155IMG_0203 IMG_0199IMG_0844two little birds wander westIMG_0707IMG_1198These days Bree is all about that zen life, & Makenzie’s all about that bounce life. Bree sticks to her key workouts. . .hot yoga + hot yoga sculpt & a run along the beach. Living literally one mile from the beach, you will always tend to take advantage of those stunning sunsets whilst gettin’ your fitness on, ja’feel?

Makenzie on the other hand has taken a liking to dancing + bouncing on mini trampolines paired with some kickass tunes. Brings her back to those dancing roots. She loves to get her heart pumping, she love a good beat, and she LOVES TO SWEAT…you should to! Sweat is a good thing, it’s actually healthy! The more sweat the better.
IMG_0200 IMG_0204IMG_0797 IMG_0205bree randall two little birds wander west IMG_0207IMG_0210If you live in the Newport Beach area & are looking for a studio here are our suggestions. . .

CorePower Yoga located litereally everywhere, but our closest location is Costa Mesa off Harbor Blvd.

they offer tons of hot yoga classes at different times throughout the day + they have hot yoga SCUPLT which kicks that bum straight into gear.

Bounce Society located also in Costa Mesa!

they offer bounce classes & strictly toning classes, either way your heart will definitely be pitter-pattering & you’ll feel that burn + Makenzie teaches classes here!! Check out their schedule & sign up.IMG_0706 IMG_0209IMG_0886 two little birds wander west IMG_1172IMG_0212//


Onzie Leggings

lululemon athletica sports bra

Volcom fringe dress


Onzie Capris

lululemon athletica sports bra


you go girl!

xx bree + makenzie




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