Coachella Bound Babes pt. l


IMG_1594PACK YOUR BAGS BABES, we’re going to Coachella.

call us basic, festival snobs, or whatever else you can come up with to bash on loving Coachella so damn much because we don’t carrreee. The hot sunshine on our skin, the beat of the music syncopated to our heartbeats,  the feeling of climbing atop his shoulders, hands in the air, eyes closed, screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs to our favorite song, gahhh, it’s what these free spirits live for!

such an indescribable feeling music gives the soul, and we love every bit of it. Take the kickass lineup this year, and pair it with badass fashion && hiiiieeee, we’re SOLD.
IMG_0237IMG_0233IMG_0235IMG_0239IMG_0238IMG_0234IMG_0236IMG_0230you can literally wear whatever the heck you want to music festivals. Well. . .in normal every day life you can also do this, but really. . .you could probably get away with a brown paper bag && people would be like “ooohh, ahhhh, what is it!?”

However, you will not catch us in brown paper bags && instead we got together with our fave babes, Lux Clothing, and put together a few festival inspired looks!! these babes are the queens of whimsical dresses, flirty romps, girly two pieces && Makenzie’s favorite. . .band tees GALORE.

hats, layered jewelry, chunky heels, little boots, and appropriate sunnies are all available at Lux for your festival styling pleasures. So take some notes && get creative with us + more outfits coming soon.
IMG_0231IMG_0244IMG_2109-2IMG_0245 IMG_0240 IMG_1837//

EVERYTHING available in-store + online at LUX CLOTHING

3674 Sunnyside Dr.
Riverside, CA 92506

IMG_1725stay tuned for pt. ll . . .

photography :: Colette Dominique + @cdbaker

xx bree + makenzie


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