Coachella Bound Babes pt. ll


IMG_2197can we leave now? are we there yet?


we present to you part dos of our Coachella lookbook with Lux Clothing.

more band tees. more hats. more two pieces. . .and we mean, c’mon, how good is that skirt with the Madonna band tee!?

what we are most stoked on is that all of these pieces are still available at Lux, or online && if you have to order, you’ll receive anything your heart desires before Coachella. Um. Yes. Heck yes. LETS DO THIS.

get your scroll on & check all the chelllaaa-ella-ella inspo goodness.
IMG_0228IMG_1931IMG_1951IMG_1850IMG_0242IMG_1922IMG_1880 IMG_1958 IMG_1928IMG_0241IMG_0252IMG_2372 IMG_0251IMG_2341IMG_0248 IMG_0250 IMG_0249//

EVERYTHING available in-store + online at LUX CLOTHING

3674 Sunnyside Dr.
Riverside, CA 92506


IMG_0229IMG_2401run wild with us. . .

photography :: Colette Dominique + @cdbaker

xx bree + makenzie


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