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two little birds wander westtwo little birds wander west

So here’s what we’ve been doing in the bird house to cut back on the sugary fruit drinks and “vitamin” waters that everyone drinks + loves. We’ve been making homemade sweet juices and teas! To our surprise, they’ve been wonderful & thirst quenchers during the California heat wave we’ve been melting away in.

Meet our new favorite homemade (under 10 minute) drink, The Larry Refresher.

Larry, as in lemon + strawberry. . . get it?

Larry is sweet, tart, minty, and just down right refreshin’

two little birds wander west

What you’ll need ::

-1 lemon to zest + squeeze

-1 lime to zest + squeeze

-10 or more ripe strawberries

-honey (preferably pure and raw local honey)

-ginger root (this is optional)

-fresh mint (I pick it from the garden but you can buy it at any grocery store)

-zester (I love our mini one!)

-large glass pitcher

-lemon squeezer (or use your hands!)

-blender, nutribullet, or food processor

two little birds wander west

How to create the Larry Refresher ::

-boil water (this allows the flavor to brew once all the ingredients are in the glass pitcher)

-zest both the lemon + lime (only about half of each)

-Squeeze the lemon + lime (save a small slice to add to the pitcher for a pretty presentation)

-rinse + cut strawberries

-blend the strawberries until they are no longer solid

-rinse + trim the mint leafs

-cut a small piece of ginger root (about the size of your pinky finger nail)

-scoop a spoon full (or two if you really want it sweet) of honey

-add all ingredients to the glass pitcher + then add the hot water

-allow the water + ingredients to brew, then place in the fridge

-serve over ice & enjoy our favorite summer day refresher, Larry.

two little birds wander westtwo little birds wander west

Sweet sippin’ birdies!

We’d love to hear your feed back on our summer refresher, comment below!

xx Bree + Makenzie


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