Two Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTHTwo Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTHHave you babes ever wondered how we met? Have you ever wondered why we started Two Little Birds? If you have then your questions have finally been answered! About a month or two ago the Babes LA asked us if we would be their first #BABEOFTHEMONTH in their brand new series. We couldn’t refuse. . .duh.

It was a gloomy day in Newport Beach, but we brought the sunshine & smiles when the Babes LA cruised down to our little beach town to interview & learn a little bit about how & why we started our birdie brand Two Little Birds Wander West. Plus some in betweens of what we OBSESS over.Two Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTH

The Babes: How did you guys meet? 

Bree: Funny story actually! We grew up in the same town and went to the same junior high but we weren’t friends. Then we went to competing dance studios so we were always rivals. When we went to high school, Mackenzie went to Centennial and I went to Santiago, and we were both on the dance team and our then dance teams were rivals. We were literally rivals our whole lives.

Makenzie: Never hated each other.

Bree: No! We were just always on opposite sides.

Makenzie: We even had the same group of friends but we never really hung out.

Bree: Then 3 or 4 years ago I found out Makenzie was living in LA and we were hiring at work (Living Doll LA) and she kept popping up on my feed so I thought it had to be a sign. We interviewed her, hired her, and then we took over all the social media/blogs for Living Doll together.

The Babes: How did you go from that to starting your own blog? 

Makenzie: My main job at Living Doll was PR so I was constantly contacting all the bloggers. One day Bree and I wanted to go to the beach and hang out and we were talking and came to the conclusion that we could do this. 

Bree: We styled all the photoshoots for Living Doll and everyone was always asking who the stylists were and they loved our feed. But, we felt like we were hiding behind our phones because we were posting for another company and we could never put our own face to it.

Makenzie: So literally that night we were texting each other saying let’s do this! Then we each started to compile a list of names and one of us came up with Two Little Birds and the other came up with Wander West. We loved both so we put them together and here we are!

Two Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTHTwo Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTH

The Babes: Well it’s a great blog, we love it! . . . Ok, 5 things you can’t go to the beach without.

Bree: Sunglasses, I’m such a baby when it comes to the sun!

Makenzie: Sunscreen.

The Babes: Do you have a favorite?

Bree: I do! Coola, it’s an all organic sunscreen that smells like Piña Colada, it’s the best! It smells so good.

Makenzie: I have super sensitive skin so I just finally found a baby sunscreen from Sprouts that doesn’t break my chest out! It’s by Kiss My Face.

Makenzie: Music!

Bree: Yes we always need our stereo. We are those annoying girls on the beach that are listening to pop radio.

Makenzie: Not even, it’s Flume! We always listen to Flume radio on Pandora.

Bree: But still, there’s always old people around us so they probably get annoyed . . . We ride our bikes everywhere around here so we definitely need our bikes. We fill our baskets up and go find a place that’s not so busy.

Makenzie: A hat.

Bree: Definitely a hat!

Two Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTH Two Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTH

The Babes: Back to the music, do you have a favorite song for this summer? 

Bree: I wouldn’t say a song but we definitely we have our favorite stations on Pandora. When we are sitting on the beach we listen to Flume Radio and when we ride our bikes we listen Phoenix Radio.

The Babes: Since you’re our babes of the month, what does being a babe mean to you? 

Makenzie: You basically have to be pretty and that’s it!

Bree: Shut up!

Makenzie: I’m kidding.

Bree: I think being a babe means you just have confidence in whoever, whatever you are. Just own it.

Makenzie: We are so loud and obnoxious. We just have loud laughs and voices and we’re just like “sorry we don’t care”, it’s who we are.

Bree: We’re goofy, we’re nerds half of the time. We just own who we are and don’t worry about what other people are thinking.  I think that’s what a babe is. I think in a guys eye too that’s what they look for and like. They look for a girl that has confidence and is comfortable in their own skin.

Makenzie: Obviously it’s easier said than done and with social media . . . comparison is the devil these days.

Bree: We are just regular girls. We are who we are.

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Two Little Birds Wander West | BABEOFTHEMONTH//

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