Let’s Stay Home

Two little birds wander westTwo little birds wander west

Let’s stay (in summer) home. . .forever!

School starts in just a week and a half for me, which means my adventure filled summer is quickly coming to an end. Looking back over the last three and a half months I am filled with joy and sparkles of accomplishment because I lived up to my summer “goals” of traveling and going with the wind. I embarked on 4 road trips and many many beach filled days. If you know me. . .you know that this is out of the norm for me; I am usually working through the summer sitting at my old corporate desk in a giant building lost in Down Town Los Angeles, but not this summer!

This is my final summer as a college student so I decided to get wild and tap into my last year of not having 100% adult responsibilities. By wild I mean becoming adventurous and living without planning. I am a planner. I love planning and organizing and making lists and having my days filled with accomplishing tasks. This summer was different, I let my lists build a little dust as I followed the wind that carried me all over the west coast. I’m starting my senior year off perfectly refreshed with some new complimentary sun tan lines from days spent in San Diego, Orange County, Havasu, Zion, Utah, San Francisco and lastly Tahoe. Below are a few “must go to places” that I experienced and I think you should add to your college friendly summer bucket list. Two little birds wander westTwo little birds wander westSan Diego ::

My family and I stayed at Paradise Point. It’s the coolest little hidden resort that has bayside bungalows with bonfires, a handful of pools, cute restaurants, and a miniature golf course that surrounds the premises. My family rented bikes and rode them around the resort to all our meals. One night we even got take out pizza from the hotel pizza shop and ate it on the beach at sunset with the bonfire. I highly suggest going here! It’s beautiful and peaceful! It’s also super kid friendly if you have little ones in your life!
Two little birds wander westTwo little birds wander west

Zion + Sundance, Utah ::

Brock and I went on a road trip through Utah to explore new hikes and then end in Orem, Utah to watch our sweet friend, Jose, play a few baseball games on his new professional team (he was drafted by the Angels this year and we are so sooo proud of him!!). On day one we drove to St. George and stayed down town. . .it’s such an adorable little town that is a quick drive to Zion National Park. We got up before the sunrise so we could drive in to Zion during that early morning magic hour and WOW was it worth it!!

Brock and I hiked one of the most dangerous hikes in the United States, Angels Landing. Angels Landing is a 1,488-foot tall rock formation that is in the center of some of the prettiest trails I have ever seen! This hike is most definitely NOT for you if you are afraid of heights but it is perfect for the adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers who don’t mind walking very thin ledges around a rock formation. Throughout the hike we were both able to really sit and reflect on the amazing work of God all around us. If you want to blow your mind on Gods creation, go here!

We finished our trip in Orem, which just so happened to be a quick 25 minute drive to Sundance. I have wanted to hike around Sundance for a while now so I was really excited to go! We did the Stewart Falls hike and it did not disappoint. The hike is not very difficult but if the weather is hot it makes it a little bit harder until you get to the breathtaking ice cold waterfall, of course! It’s a great place to pack a lunch and enjoy the sunshine while listening to the crash of the water against the mountain side.   Two little birds wander westTwo little birds wander west

Tahoe ::

My last summer stop. Brocks family has a vacation house up in Truckee so my family and his whole family packed up for over a week in the fresh mountain air. Truckee is the coolest old fashion town that has a charm unlike any other mountain town I’ve traveled through. The down town area has the best shops for clothes, home decor, coffee and food. If you like experiencing a small town, then this is the place for you! I suggest renting a cabin on Air BnB or any other sites you prefer.

On one of our adventurous days we decided to take out the kayaks and rafts on the Truckee river, which was both beautiful and exhilarating. This is a really fun few hours to embark on! I suggest going through the local rafting companies to guide you down the river if you are not accustomed to water sports or kayaking because there are definitely a few rough spots that can be scary and dangerous for beginners!

Lake Tahoe. . . all I can say is CRYSTAL BLUE WATER! If you like your water as blue as the sky then you HAVE to go here! I suggest going to the Sand Harbor Overlook which is a Nevada state park. Parking is about $12 and you can find the best sandy spots on the shore to read a book and then go climb the rocks peeking out of the water. This was one of my favorite days! We swam around and enjoyed the clear water with our gopro.

Thursday Nights in Truckee is the street fair of all street fairs. Most of the shops are locally made goods that are drool worthy. I personally fell hard for the essential oil lady, Sierra Essentials, and the vintage jeweler, Spunky Punker. There’s also a brand new vintage shop that just opened on the main street where I found the perfect 50’s dress for my first day back to school, eeeep!

We also stumbled over to Squaw Valley for a bit to enjoy the Jazz + Funk festival. They have a lot of fun events hosted here AND this was the Winter Olympic hosting grounds in 1960. . .so naturally our olympic obsessed families were thrilled to walk around the resort and take pictures of the olympic rings everywhere.  Two little birds wander westTwo little birds wander westTwo little birds wander westTwo little birds wander westTwo little birds wander west

I’d much rather stay home and plan out my next road trip but it’s off to school I go. . .

(I’m secretly so soo excited to start school again and see all my friends and professors!)Two little birds wander westTwo little birds wander westTwo little birds wander west

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Two little birds wander west

stay golden, birdies.

xx bree


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