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two little birds recipetwo little birds recipe

**This is a dairy free, meat free, gluten free meal**

Lately my diet has been lacking a lot of protein. I enjoy eating meat but I rarely cook it (it really freaks me out to prepare any type of meat. . .so whenever I’m around Brock or a boy member of the family I usually get my fish / chicken fix). Half of my family is vegetarian/vegan (no, it’s not because it’s trendy. . .they chose it for their dietary restrictions long before I was born) so I have grown up around vegetarian friendly plates my entire life. My kitchen growing up was split. . .my mom made all the vegetarian dishes inside while my dad cooked the meat outside on the bbq. All my meals were happy, healthy and satisfying with my family around the table.

Since the whole meat thing kinda freaks me out, and honestly sometimes I think it’s really good for your body to take a break on digesting such intense things and stick to a more “earthy diet,” I have been experimenting with new easy dishes to make that fit my budget, time and lifestyle.

Here’s my newest addiction that can be completed in under 15 minutes! This is my go to lunch or dinner plate when I’m running out the door to a day/night full of classes.

Meet my new taco love, Thee Lentil Taco!

It’s carb-less, packed with iron, protein, vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, zinc, potassium and vitamin B6, fiber, greens, flavor and crunch!

two little birds recipe

What you’ll need ::

-Lentils (you can buy them canned, raw and un cooked or steamed and ready to eat like the above Melissa’s package. I prefer the ready to go package because it makes prep time easy!

-Butter lettuce (these make for the best wraps that don’t over power the “taco” flavor and it helps get your greens in for the day!)

-Salsa, preferably homemade but organic store bought will do just fine! I have my favorite tomato salsa and mango salsa pictured below.

-Sprouts for the top (it adds a refreshing crunch)

**you can add avocado, sliced tomatoes or even beats like I did! The beats add a yummy sweet flavor and an extra kick of fiber!**

two little birds recipe

How to ::

-Cook your lentils as desired. I use a little coconut oil and water to heat up the already steamed lentils I bought at the store. I also add freshly chopped onions for a little extra flavor. This takes about 5-7 minutes for the lentils to heat up (the same goes for canned lentils)

-Let the lentils cool for about 2-3 minutes so the lettuce doesn’t get too hot

-Peel back your butter lettuce and prepare to fill the cups with dreamy ingredients!

-Top off with your favorite taco toppings

two little birds recipeHonestly, the things are the bee’s knees and I highly suggest you try them out and get creative with your recipe to compliment your taste buds. Pairs great with ginger ale beer, actual beer, kombucha or my favorite. . . cold lemon water! two little birds recipe

Stay Golden, && filled with tacos!

xx Bree


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