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Two Little Birds Wander West // Pop LashTwo Little Birds Wander West // Pop LashAlright birds, LISTEN UP. Closer . . . closer . . . CLOSER . . . okay, okay, sheesh, take a step back, let a bird breathe.

A week ago I did something new, and I made sure to document the whole thing on our Instagram story. If you missed the story whelp . . . you snooze, you lose, and that makes me sad because it was a dang good Instagram story! NOW you know you HAVE to always watch them because you might miss something massive . . . or you’ll just get stuck watching Bree and I be incredibly immature, or eating pizza, or drinking kombucha at The Butchers Daughter. Either way, it’s a win win.

Okay back to what I did. So one of my students that I train (@bouncesociety + wassup wassup) owns a Beauty Bar in Costa Mesa California where they focus on things such as waxing, eyelash extentions, aaannnddd enter stage left, lash lifts. She was always telling me I should come into the bar and check out all they have to offer, and I finally decided to do it last week.

My entire life I’ve hated my eyelashes. Right . . . it’s kind of a strange thing to hate, but they stick straight out, never hold a curl even when I curl them, and all the “amazing fabulous killer” mascaras out there in the world just do one thing, weigh them down even more. I’ve also never wanted eyelash extensions because WHAT. A. HASSLE. in my opinion. The ocean would rip them to shreds with the amount I am immersed in salt water, and every time I would have to itch my eye I would die a slow miserable death.

To my surprise there is something called “Lash Lift”. HULLO, hi, how ya doin’. It’s basically a perm for your eyelashes. It takes about an hour, is super affordable, and lasts for about 6-8 weeks!! My lovely little lady also did the honor of tinting my eyelashes black after the lift. It basically looks like I have beautiful curled lashes 24-7, I don’t even need mascara, and you can actually see them! I AM NO LONGER LASH-LESS.

praise Jesus, hallelujah, amen.

below are all the links to their website + instagram + pricing + a video of me when I saw my lashes for the first time. . .

Pop Lash Beauty Bar

Pop Lash Beauty Bar Instagram

My Video

Two Little Birds Wander West // Pop LashBefore + After

Yes, for serious. How incredibly sad is that before photo **Salem cry**, and then BAM sup beautiful, how you doin’. Plus in the end you get a really cool photo of your eye.
Two Little Birds Wander West // Pop LashStay Lashiful (beautiful + lashes = lashiful)

xx makenzie


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