Macrame Night Out || Ft. The Soul Project

two little birds wander westimg_2600WE FOUND OUR SOUL SISTAS! ha . . . get it . . . the SOUL project . . . SOUL sisters . . . it’s punny. But seriously, we’ve found a new place we like to call home right in the heart of our favorite beach town, Laguna. It’s only down the street from our hair salon, juicer, go-to boutique, and beach spot. No. Big. Deal. “Why don’t we live in Laguna?”, is a question we often ask each other.

This last Thursday we got to spend a night under the moon, tucked away in this cute 1920s-esque bungalow making macrames! It was a new adventure for sure, but such a fun night. We were invited by our babes from The Soul Project for a night of macrame makings, OH, and there was rosé, so naturally we were like heyyyyy wassup, wassup, we’re there! img_2594 img_2596 img_2578 img_2582 img_2590 img_2583 img_2586Meet Summer, the heart, soul, and founder of The Soul Project, also known as an absolute angel with the biggest heart. She created a company that in every aspect, gives back to a certain community. Every item bought in the store supports a different charity. It’s nice to know that you’re not only buying something to spice up your wardrobe, or make your home all fuzzy, but you’re also giving back. Yes. Hi. Sign us up!

Speaking of signing you up, so glad you asked ;), but these spunky babes have events every month, sometimes twice a month, and all you have to do is click this LINK & it shows you everything they have coming up.

These events are so fun to do with bestfriends, so grab your jerl-gang and sign up. Each event also gives back to the charity of the hosts choosing. Each ticket purchased for this macrame workshop went towards a local animal foundation, and it was something so sweet we both could experience together. Sippin’ on wine, and sometimes going insane to try and keep up with the yarnage (is yarnage even a word?). But we did it!! Keep scrolling to see our beautiful end results.img_2584 img_2598 img_2592 img_2569 img_2588 img_2581 img_2604 img_2595 img_2606 img_2577 img_2571 img_2597 img_2579 img_2574 img_2608 img_2601 img_2602 img_2580 img_2587 img_2603. . . . . . . .img_2607Step 1. img_2593Step 2. img_2573Step 5?

Honestly. . .we lost track #rosé . . . but the pictures are RAD!img_2572 img_2576 img_2570 img_2585 img_2568 img_2589 img_2599 img_2605stay golden & do what feeds your soul

xx bree + makenzie


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