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^^Pictured above is the best form you’ve ever seen. We kid’ we kid’ we actually can dance. . .we just prefer to look like we’re falling out of the sky in slow motion.

Speaking of falling out of the sky, are there ever times when you literally feel like you might be free falling out of the sky aka life. . .not because you’re sky diving (which I’ve done & I’m obsessed), but because you feel like you might not have any control over your life in whichever situation you’re in? Well, welcome to my current state of mind and apparently every student at my school, which I have spoken to about graduating this upcoming May. We are pushed to go to school to study a subject that interests us, but we have no real world experience on this subject besides the fantasy that we make up inside of our head about how amazing it would be to be a _______**insert dream occupation there.**

I personally have a laundry list of things I want to do when I graduate college and companies that I want to work for. I have truly been blessed to have had a “career” job while I was in school as a stylist and creative director for a clothing line in LA and then I left after several years (remember my long blog post about big changes?) to explore different career opportunities, because WHY THE HECK NOT!? I’m 23 and I will be graduating with a degree in marketing, which I am obsessed with by the way, I would have never known I loved marketing if I didn’t go out into the real world at 18 and get a job in a corporate office to “test the water.” I am thankful for my experience there and I am now so thankful for my new experiences I am gathering. As I talked to some of my classmates, I realized that about 90% of the students have no idea what field they want to work in and they have no plan on figuring it out. I am NOT saying you need to have it figured out, heck most people change their careers at least twice in their life, I am saying it’s time to have a little fun and start career testing like I did so many  years ago! Whether you are in college, graduated, or deep into your career I think this is something that you could read and actually try it out.

I double dog dare you to make a list (shocker, I know. I’m the list queen.) of all your interests, hobbies, passions and even dreams and take a step back to see if your current job or even career is feeding your interests or passions. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you want to tell your friends that you run in to about your job or current project, then it’s time for a CHANGE. It’s scary, I know, I’ve been there but let me tell you now that I have been on the other side. . .it’s awesome and sooo freeing. Since leaving my first big girl job, I have explored 3 very different industries as a marketer and I am now working at a PR Agency. I have a long list of things I want to do and achieve and by trying on new hats and learning from other companies I am narrowing down my list of what fuels my fire to get out of bed and go to work.

You deserve to love what you do.

So ask yourself. . .do you love what you do? Life is too dang short to sit back and day dream or drool over what could be yours. Trust in God and trust in yourself to take a leap.

Embrace the free fall, I am. 

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Stay Golden, Birdies!

xx Bree + Makenzie

Article by :: Bree

Photography by :: Josie Elle 


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