A Cali Christmas || feat. Anthropologie + Baske

It’s a Cali Christmas. We’re surrounded by palm trees wrapped in lights, boat parades through the bay, and crisp air is a sunny, clear 65 degrees. **exhale** Cali Christmas.

Now, let us introduce you to our favorite dresses & boots accompanying us this season. Dresses by Anthropologie, boots by Baske. Honestly, we could probably leave it at that, and have you figure out the rest, but that’s no fun!  How good are these dresses though? This year Fashion Island in Newport Beach, recently opened basically the Disneyland of all Anthropologies. If it’s not my best friend dragging me through the rooms for her wedding, it’s Bree to just have a nice walk-about in the store. Nonetheless I saw this velvet dream piece and fell in love immediately. But like I do most of the time, I walked over to it, felt the material, probably said, “oh my gosh, BUHHREEEE” too loud for being in pubic, I even looked through to get my size, and took it off the rack. Then proceeded to let out a sigh, set it back on the rack, and dramatically walk away from the dress because I just couldn’t. I’m not lying . . . this happens so much Bree could mimic me and do the whole thing. However, here’s a little trick if you’re like me and sometimes find it hard to commit, and indulge in yourself.

01. Walk away

02. If you’re stilllll dreaming, drooling, all of the above, about it . . . go back

03. buy it

04. If it’s no longer there, it wasn’t meant to be & yeww just saved **insert amount here**

That’s exactly what I did/do, and I usually never regret the purchase. Bree’s dress story was less dramatic than mine (no shocker there). She actually was looking for a dress, a specific dress, for a specific occasion. . .the South Coast Plaza Fashion Show (which featured brands like Fendi & Roberto Cavalli) She even tried on my forrest green velvet one (before I bought it), and decided against it because she witnessed my little love affair, a.k.a. that’s what a best friend looks like ladies and gents. Slow clap for Bree please. Buying the blue was definitely not a mistake, and she has fallen in love just like me.

The best thing about both dresses is you can dress them up, or you can dress them down. It’s easy to throw on top a leather jacket, with some flirty black boots, and our favorite lieutenant hat. When I was in New York last I even did my velvet dress with my black suede over the knee boots (blogged here) and it was a smash in the city at night. I’ve also worn my dress (and you can do the same with Bree’s) with a little baby white tee underneath, brown flat boots, and a messy braid to dress it down. The skies the limit! Well actually don’t get too crazy . . . or do . . . make it your own, cause it’s fun! Okay, one last thing, promise, and then I’ll shut up, but . . . these shoessssss. Guys . . . guys . . . ggguuyyyssssssss. Can shoes be meant for you? I think they can. If they can, well actually . . . I’m making it a thing now, so they can. Ha. I hope you followed that because I for sure had to re-read, and re-write that about 10 times. ANYWAYS Baske California shoes were made for Two Little Birds. We are such nerds when we find new brands that we’ve never heard of. We literally stop everything, take out our phones, and Google the brand . . . and that’s exactly what we did. We found out that Baske California is a footwear company based around love, marriage, and Venice Beach California. We were basically hooked right away, and wanted to know more!! Baske has now taken over both of our closets, and we haven’t regretted it since. It’s a special love affair between a bird and her shoes . . . and her dresses.

K, now you may shop . . . carry on!  shop it ALL


Makenzie ::

green velvet dress : Anthropologie

shoes : Baske California available at Nordstrom (in store & online!)

brown hat : Peter Grimm

choker : Vanessa Mooney 

Bree ::

blue lace dress : Anthropologie

shoes : Baske California available at Nordstrom (in store & online!)

black hat : Free People

necklace : Energy Muse

necklace : Dogeared


Photography by :: Kenny Dawn & Shelby Hickenlooper 

write-up by :: Makenzie

Stay Golden

xx Bree + Makenzie


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