A Little Sparkle + Shine || feat. LUX Clothing

New Years Eve . . . let me translate that for you . . . Lets Danceeeee!

I’ve done a little bit of everything on New Years Eve to find out what really suits me, and what’s juussstttt right for me on this very night. Well turns out it depends on my mood . . . BUT, my mood mostly points to where the nearest dance floor is, and how quickly I can refill my glass of champagne. Ha. What am I saying!? Champagne gives me a major headache after one sip. If I’m drinking anything on this night, it will be tequila . . . that way the headache comes the next day . . . Lord help us all.

Although sometimes you’re in a rut, and you really don’t know what to do on New Years Eve. That’s when it comes down to that it doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’re doing, but it matters who you’re with.

So let me share with you my 3 very different, and favorite New Years Eve experiences, and maybe one will tickle your fancy! Keep scrollin’. experience 01. // my favorite New Years Eve experience involves my favorite city . . . New York. I had one of the most amazing adventures in this city (no surprise there) during this time of year; spent with one of my best friends, running amok! Walking outside at 2AM seeing the snow fall from the sky, and the streets filled with nothing but snow, and more snow. OMG, I miss it seww much!! It was the year that Miley Cyrus performed. I remember this because we stood in the middle of the crowd on December 31st at 11:45AM, scream singing Wrecking Ball while we watched our breath dance around in the air. How’s that for some basic 6th grade imagery?! Needless to say, feeling my heart race whilst watching the ball drop, screaming in unison with the crowd 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . , and letting the confetti hit my face, listening to Frank Sinatra was one of the best New Years Eve feelings to this day. Now I know you’re sitting there reading this saying, “Okay, yeah Kenzie, thanks for the idea, like this is realistic” **eye roll**, but I’m saying IT IS! This was one of my biggest dreams, a bucket list item if you will, and it still to this day doesn’t feel real. Keep dreaming . . . and planning!

experience 02. // involves sickness (bleh), but two of my most favorite people on this planet . . . my sister, and my brother-in-law. So this little memory pertains to what I was saying about it not mattering where you are, but who you’re with. We were actually all sick, and I’m not saying Karen from Mean Girls sick **cough cough**, I’m saying aches, chills, “take me now” sick. But it was New Years Eve, my sister + brother-in-law live in Australia, and there weren’t going to be many of these, so we had to at least try and make the most of it. So we did what we do best. Put on the most hideous, yet incredibly stylish onesies we could find, made some tea, and watched the ball drop. We were miserable, I’m not gonna lie, but I wouldn’t want to be miserable with any one else . . . and our onesies kicked ass, so it was all worth it.

experience 03. // one word . . . actually two words . . . actually three . . . house party + bars. This was my New Years last year, and it was another one for the books. I also had pink hair . . . another thing you should most definitely do to ring in the new year. Hair chalk is your friend. Your best friend. It washes out, and it’s like you can be a totally new person for a night. I may or may not have went around saying my name was Penny Lane (my alter ego), and yes names after Kate Hudson from Almost Famous . . . and if you haven’t seen Almost Famous . . . ohmygoodness, go, now, it’s on Netflix. THIS was the New Years that I absolutely danced the night away. I wore a white jumpsuit, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea because my pink hair got all over it. Thank goodness for dry cleaning. But nonetheless, I was 100 feet away from the beach, dancing to my favorite tunes, and surrounded by people I love.

If you actually took the time to read through all my adventures, good on ya mate. If not, well what the heck are you even doing here?? Just kidding, just kidding, we love you. Hi, hi, hi, welcome! I really was just trying to make a point in saying, you can be in New York . . . bright lights, big city, or at home cuddled on your couch . . . warm heater, hot tea, or out dancing the night away . . . the jams, the moves . . . BUT if you’re surrounded by people you don’t care about, or that don’t care about you, you’re going to have a chet time regardless.

ring in this New Year with people you love. Oh! And wear something sparkly 🙂  make your New Years sparkle & shine


Bree ::

dress : LUX Clothing

jacket : Anthropologie

headband crown : Free People (sold out) but this one is rad

shoes : Baske California

Makenzie ::

dress : LUX Clothing

jacket : LUX Clothing

hat : Billabong

shoes : Baske California

sunnies : Ray Ban

rock ring : Blaine Bowen

//  stay golden + may your NYE sparkle & shine

xx bree + makenzie

photos by :: Arika Jean + @arikajean

write-up by :: Makenzie


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