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Yasssss. We did it. We made it through another year, 2016 is all wrapped up in the shed and 2017 is like a brand new present just waiting for us to open! With the new year brings new blog content. So here we are, yet again, with another badass blog post (thanks to the killer photographers that shot this with us. . .names at the bottom) for you birdie babes featuring what has become our favorite activewear line, Onzie. I, me, as in Makenzie, live in workout clothes. I make a living off of working out, so comfort & style are a must, and Onzie seriously amazes me each time. They have easily become front runners in my overflowing activewear drawer.

I, me, as in Bree (yea, hold your horses. . .you read that right. We’re writing the first post of 2017 TOGETHER, because birds of a feather. . .FLOCK TOGETHER, duh) love onzie because I can wear all of the pieces to my weekend job (life update: Pure Barre is my 2nd job on the weekend when I’m not at school or at the PR Agency during the week) or I can wear them around town after a work out while I hit the grocery store, specifically Sprouts and Mother’s health foods, to stock up my pantry with all the goodies my belly craves.

BUT, aside from these lovely workout clothes, and these kickass photos by Shelby Hickenlooper + Kenny Dawn *woot woot*, we decided to start this year off  s t r o n g with a blog post from the both of us talking about our year and a few other things like health. Speaking of strong, keep reading to get tips & tricks on staying strong in 2017, & tips on all zee healthy foods you should be consuming this new year. From Makenzie to Y O U about 2016::

I first want to just start off with what a year 2016 was. To say it was anything but easy would be a total lie. Personally, this past year was probably one of the toughest I’ve faced. Mainly just learning more about myself . . . and when I say learning more, it was like painfully more. Beginning of this year I got my heart in happy place, and yes it got put in that happy place because of another human, a rather charming one. But, it wasn’t all sunshine & daisies, and to my surprise I got that same happy heart shattered into a million pieces. I’ve had to stare loneliness straight in the face, and learn to be okay with it, and have lost countless jobs.

Okay, stop. NO, this is not a pitty party for Makenzie, this is me telling you that sometimes life sucks, and we all experience that suckiness. Sometimes you go through a year and its not the hippy-happy times that stick out the most, its the down in the dumps, put on sad music, and cry times. But I look back at it all, and it still hurts, I’m still human, but my gosh am I stronger because of it all. This life is given to learn, learn, and keep learning. And with all these lessons (seriously I graduated like a billion years ago, I thought I was done with lessons) there’s only one thing that has continuously helped me to keep going in the midst of hardship . . . my faith. Knowing that someone else (Jesus the homie) is in control of my life, and that I’m NOT in the driver seat is the best thing I’ve known my entire life. Jesus take the wheel, and please keep it, ja’feel?

And yet, after I sort through all the chetty times, I’m reminded of all the good God has given me. Friends to lean on, that I can trust **trust fall**. Dreams that I am so passionate about. Gifts such as singing, whether it’s for a crowd of thousands, or my church family. A family that is healthy, happy, and still together. A NEW NIECE THAT IS SO STUPIDLY CUTE IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! . . . and then I smile.

From Bree to Y O U about 2016::

So I’m writing this as a survivor of, according to every media station that I hear or see, the worst year ever. Although this year can be looked back on as a mess for the world, we can not forget to reflect back on the year and look at all the amazing things that happened to us individually. I refuse to allow the media to slime their way into my life and define MY 2016 year in the terms that they feel will hook their audience. This year was a doozy for me, it had its ups and its downs, but I learned through every obstacle that was thrown my way and I am able to look back and reflect on the great that happened this year. It is important to recognize the GOOD in your life.

Here are my 2016 praises in a list (naturally. I am a list maker, after all)

I traveled more than I worked. Kidding. I worked a lot, but I traveled a ton! I went to New York 2 times, went on a dozen road trips up and down the west coast and I spent a lot of time with friends and my family in new places. I wanted to really LIVE this year and explore new places. I was able to do everything with a budget while still having fun! Traveling doesn’t have to just be for the wealthy non-college people, if you can save your pennies for a bit you can find a way to hit the road.

-I fell more in love with Brock and learned even more about his caring, sweet heart. We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary (but 2 year friend-iversary).

-I witnessed a major healing miracle for a very close family friend who has been suffering from a vicious cancer (out of respect to our friend, I won’t give too many details). This was truly the work of God. God is such a loving, generous God who loves all of us unconditionally. His work for you is not done, so if you ever feel like life is too much or your health is too hard to overcome, lean on him because he is a ROCKSTAR and he will carry all of your burdens. This is something that gives me chills just thinking about. Even if you think this is a bunch of hocus pocus, I hope that you will open up just a little to try out the whole God thing and see what he can do for you. It’s a not risk thing 🙂 and the coolest part is. . .it can be just between you and him.

-I moved into the cutest little condo bungalow with the best roomates ever! Our home is tiny but oh so so cozy! I’m blessed by my 3 roomies, Maggie + Beka + Tyra.

-I paid off my credit card!!! aaaaannnnd then added a few new charges to it. Totally burning that thing this year! YUCK!

-I took a huge leap and left my job in the corporate world to focus on school and try out new industries. Currently dabbling in the public relations world as I finish up my degree in marketing. Still deciding on where I’ll be heading come May but it definitely will have something to do with Marketing because that just really feeds my fire!

-I began going to therapy to help organize my life + manage my stress. It helped tons! I was able to peel back some layers in my life, like an onion, and work through the stuff I needed some assistance with.

-I chopped my hair (a whole 4.5 inches….this is short in my world!!) because why not!? I also put a pink tint on it to help ring in the holiday season with a bit of color.

These are just a few high lights of my year. Whether you have a blog, journal or bff that you can talk to, go write down a few positive things that happened to you this past year! It helps you realize that you have a lot to be thankful for!

W O R K O U T // T I P S ::

Okay, so remember those tips & tricks I told you about earlier to stay strong + motivated . . .? Here they are! I simply wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go off on a tangent in a blog post :). New Year, same me yo.

FIND A WORKOUT THAT YOU LOVE // over the years this is for sure the most important tip I could ever give you to stay motivated & strong. Getting your sweat on shouldn’t be a chore, and if it is you still haven’t found your niche. I get it, you guys are saying, “dude working out is just not my thing”. Well make it your thing gosh darnet!! It’s good for your body, your bones, your muscles, your wellbeing, YOUR SOUL. Get to a point in your life that your day isn’t complete until you break a sweat. Hate to break it to you, but your body was meant to move. Sucks to suck, but there are soooo many different workouts these days for any age, and any body type its overwhelming sometimes. If you’re also a person who has injuries, don’t let that hold you back. Trainers, and teachers are taught to give clients modifications. A simple, “Hi, my name is ___, and I injured my ___” will do just fine in the beginning of class to your instructor. I may be bias because I teach it 3 times a week, but my favorite workout is Bounce at Bounce Society fitness in Costa Mesa + Newport Beach. Growing up dancing 6 days a week I never had to worry about finding a workout. It’s taken me a fair bit of time to find one that I actually want to get out of bed for, and that I don’t dread. Bounce grounds me to my dancing roots. Everything is made to a beat!! Is it a hard workout? Yes. Will you die? Yes. But does your mind go elsewhere whilst you’re dying because it’s so fun. YASSS! I tell my clients all the time during class, it’s okay to smile, it’s okay to have fun and be goofy!! Working out is not a serious thing, its a beautiful thing that you get to give to your body, so just do it **Nike swoosh**.

SWITCH IT UP // Strength training + cardio . .  ohh the combination is such a beautiful thing. Your workout regime needs to have a little bit of both. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is different, but for the most part your heart needs that cardio, and your muscles need those weights, ja’feel? A combination of both only means long lean pretty muscles. Personally, I try and workout 5 days a week, and I mostly always succeed because I just feel better when I do. 2 out of those 5 days consist of me teaching Bounce, and the other 3 will either be 2 Bounce, 1 weight session, or vice versa. The weight session could also be a pilates session instead . . . another workout I am obsessed with. My sister and I even got our Dad into pilates, and he is 60 years old (sorry Dad), so NO EXCUSES.

GET INVOLVED // if you’re a person where one workout literally bores you to tears, then I highly suggest looking into something like Classpass, or even a gym membership that provides different classes! As much as I would love to sit here and tell you that you can just workout at home, that’s not always the case, and I don’t feel like lying to you . . . ever. Can you workout at home? Duh. Can you be equally as motivated to workout at home than if you were to be signed up for a class? Naw. AND SOME PEOPLE CAN. But let’s talk about the normal, average humans like you and I . . . we need that push! I am well aware that memberships, and all that jazz are not cheap . . . but neither are medical bills, and other complications that come when you don’t take care of your body. Yes, sweating & moving is on the tippy-top of that “Take Care of Your Body” list.

THE BODY BOOK // this is not a MUST to stay motivated, but it’s something that helped me, so maybe it will help you too. The Body Book is a book I read and finished this past year by the ever-so-lovely Cameron Diaz, and it’s a book I constantly fall back on when it comes to moving, and eating. She talks about literally everything in this book. From hunger, and food, to movement, the science of our bodies, and having to listen to our bodies. In the end that’s really all it is . . . learning (hey there’s that word again) what your body loves, what it hates, what it craves, and what it needs. I provided you with the links to buy the book if you’re curious!

Guys, really, most importantly just do it for yourself. Working out is such a rewarding thing . . . I promise. Since beginning teaching, and taking my workouts seriously, it’s such a rad thing to see how much stronger I am! Seeing a difference in my body doesn’t hurt either, but I can do things now that I most definitely couldn’t in the beginning of 2016.

Don’t expect immediate gratification. This is not a sprint to the finish line, its a slow and steady jog, with some sprints in between. Ha, get it, a HIIT workout. Lol. Just know you guys can read this blog, you can read another blog, you can watch workout videos, YOU CAN BUY REALLY CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES *links below*, but until you get off your lazy bum and do something about it you’re not getting anywhere, other than maybe the doctors office. H E A L T H // T I P S ::

The work out tips above are great for you to indulge in and here are some tips to help your health and fitness life become a full circle kind of thing!

Start juicing! You do not have to be a baller to juice all the time! I’m a college student on a serious budget and I find a way to make it work. Costco’s organic produce is your friend. I love the book, The Big Book of JuicesThey organized the book with juices & smoothies that have pictures, easy to follow recipes, and tips on specific areas of health that you can target through juicing. I love juicing on the weekend for the following week and I just put them in mason jars while I juice and binge watch my netflix shows at the same time. Make it a fun routine.

Elimination of Sugar. It’s time to eliminate the processed sugars. This has helped my health so much! I have a major sweet tooth so I have had to find new ways to calm that tooth of mine down. Freezing sliced bananas with drizzled peanut butter is a must + dried mangos are a quick and easy snack that bring the SWEET but eliminate the processed sugar that you would get from candy.  Dessert alternatives at Pressed Juicery are also amazing!! If you are looking for some inspiration, check out my favorite instagram account ran by an amazing mama living in Hawaii with her little groms & amazing dessert SUGARLESS recipes.

Keep learning! Keep up on the breaking news on food from bloggers and health activists like Food Babe. She is basically the Olivia Benson (Law & Order reference) of food. She cracks down and really researches the ingredients that we are consuming and informs us on what we need to look out for! My mom and her friends got me hooked on this blog! Also, Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is another amazing woman foodie who has battled cancer for over a decade with the help of a healthy sexy diet. She has a great website + book. Check both of the above babes out!!

&& that’s all folks. I have so many health tips but I think those should do it for your first few weeks in to the new year!

get active, but look cute + click the links below


Makenzie ::

top : Onzie

bra : Onzie

tights : Onzie

shoes : Nike

Bree ::

top : Onzie

tights : Onzie

shoes : Nike

// stay golden + stay motivated + stay positive (repeat)

xx bree + makenzie

photography by :: @shelby.hickenlooper + @kennydawn

written by :: both of us!! eeep. We collaborated for this one, babes.



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