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Now we all know you wanna put on “Soulmate” by Natasha Bedingfield . . . and if not than this just got really awkward and I’ve just started writing, but HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Before you push that play button . . . reeemmiiixxxxxxx . . . I will not be talking about being alone, and me being the only one without a soulmate because we all know this is true **Salem cry**. No, no, there is something far more valuable in this life than just a plan ordinary soulmate, a.k.a. boyfriend/fiance/husband.


“maybe we can be each others soul mates. and then we can let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with.” — Sex and The City

so. much. yes. to that statement. I think ever since I heard it I fell in love with my jerl gang even more. I call most of my girlfriends “the loves of my life” because they simply are just that. The girls I have surrounding me are forever. I can cry with them, I can laugh so hard it turns into crying with them, and I can trust them with my life. Being single for about 5 (oof, what a number) years throughout my 20’s, I’ve learned to lean on my soul mates, and it’s brought a beauty into my life that I never knew before, and probably wouldn’t have known if I had been in a relationship all this time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE, I love men (sup, how you doin’), and I love marriage. Matter of fact, one of my bestest friends is getting married this Sunday and it makes my heart flutter each time I think about it. I can proudly tell you that I am the most romantical, emotional (heavy on the emotions) person you will probably ever meet. I meannnn, one of the things I’m looking forward to most is crying at this wedding. I swear I’m not crazy, but I sure do love a good fairytale, and I LOVE a good cry.

I love raw, real emotion. Whether it’s screaming, crying, arguing, whatever it is I wanna feel it, and I want everyone around me too as well . . . because life is too short to be all bottled up. I want my girlfriends to feel comfortable with me. To be able to come to me with anything, to be able to just cry while I hug them. I’m well aware you can get all this from a boyfriend, but what if that wasn’t an option? What if you were alone? Could you confidently confide in your jerl gang? Could you be on the phone with them, crying from a broken heart, and sit in silence because there isn’t much to say? I hope the answers to those questions is YES, and I hope you have beautiful women in your life that you can count on.

Tell your girlfriends how you feel! Some of us are so comfortable telling our “mate” or our family how much we appreciate them that sometimes we forget to do the same with our girlfriends. I am so blessed to have surrounded myself with a group of jerls that don’t go a week without saying how much we love each other.

And even though my life is cushioned by 6 stunning, strong soul mates, I do believe that I have that special one out there praying for me, like I am for him. But I can honestly say life would have been an absolute struggle bus if I didn’t have those soul mates.

So . . . have you told your soul mates you love them today? shop it


Makenzie ::

MATE jacket : Lux Clothing

tee : Vayne Lifestyle

jeans : Free People

hat : Free People

boots : Baske California

Bree ::

SOUL jacket : LUX Clothing

tank : Tavik

jeans : Levis

hat : Peter Grimm

shoes : Vans

** keep in mind, both of our jackets are size Large . . . we wanted them oversized . . . & they should be restocked soon **


stay golden + find your soul

xx bree + makenzie

write-up by :: Makenzie

photos by :: Arika Jean + @arikajean


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