In the Name of LOVE

Well love birds, it’s that time of year again. . .the month of LOVE.

Wherever you are in your “love” life, this month gives us all the reasons to celebrate love. Whether you’re in love with a fella who makes your heart boom, your best friends who are there for your every text or the love you have for your family. . .any reason to celebrate love with pink & red heart shaped candies is a good enough reason for me to grab a card and express my true feelings to the ones that make my days count!

I’m personally a huge fan of Valentines Day, not the Valentines Day where the girl gets spoiled by her boyfriend and demands all the fancy chocolates in the world. . .no no no, I love Valentines Day for the decorations I put up around my house, the memories of my mom being my forever Valentine as I woke up to a cute little heart shaped box of chocolates, exchanging little candies at school (now work) and the simple excuse to text or write a card out to my best friends. I love that this Hallmark holiday allows us to stop and appreciate the ones we love in our life! I’m truly blessed to have a Valentine, Brock, for our 3rd Valentines Day together. . .he knows that all I truly want is a hand written card with sweet words. . . the dinner he makes is usually just an extra perk because he is the BEST cook ever!

So as we, as in you and me, step in to the new month that is clearly labeled by every store you walk in to as, “the month of love,” don’t let your heart be bitter. . .stop and appreciate the ones you love and who love YOU! Approach these next few weeks with a new attitude, maybe even text your loved ones something you love about them every day leading up to Valentines Day.

Whether you’re spending this holiday solo or with someone who makes you heart shaped food, remember that it’s just another day that you get to tell your loved ones just how much you appreciate them! Plus, it’s an excuse to get a new outfit, so go get in the spirit of LOOOOVVVEEEEE.

&& Stay tuned for our Galentines Day Party for you to replicate 🙂 it’s going live next week!

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**I also think this two piece rocks with a white tank tied in the front with strappy sandals.

Stay Golden && in love,

xx Bree


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