Love Birds Galentine

Calling all girls! It’s GALENTINE Day!

aka Valentines Day for your best gals.

We decided to throw our first, soon to be annual, Galentines Day party! If you know anything about us, you know that we really don’t need a reason to throw a get together with our friends so throwing a party celebrating our love for our friends was a no brainer!

Valentines Day is a hallmark holiday, we all know this. . .BUT it’s so much fun to celebrate the holiday that celebrates LOVE with sparkly things (like the wine bottles below), giant love balloons (also below) and dessert. Stop sitting around sulking because you aren’t celebrating the holiday with a significant other. . .call up your girls and throw a last minute Galentines party just like we did! Half of our friends are single and the other half are dating but that didn’t stop us from gathering together to celebrate the LOVE we have for EACHOTHER! We jammed to Spice Girls radio on Pandora (because who doesn’t love 90’s jams?), danced, ate healthy treats to compliment everyones strict diet restrictions, popped bottles of sparkly girly drinks & played games!

Below we’ll show you how to throw the perfect budget friendly Galentines Day partaaayyyyy!

Get ready to fall in love. . .

xoxo banner from $1 section at target. Every little decoration helped pull the bird house together to look like a magical place of love! 

Our ONEHOPE bottles are cute and delicious! They also help give back to several different charities. Honestly, these little beauts were a major hit! We suggest giving them as gifts for Valentines Day, bridal showers, birthdays or just because! All of our friends were drooling over the bottles.

Who doesn’t love buying something that helps someone else? The giveback program rocks!

Having GIANT love balloons made the perfect back drop. It also just really reassured why we were celebrating Galentines Day!

We bought giant boxes of strawberries at Costco because who doesn’t love fresh fruit that color coordinates with a party? We washed them and threw them in a bowl as a snack for our guest.

Shout out to my roomates who helped blow up all the balloons for the “floor decor.”

After setting up. . .we changed into our “girls night out” looks. We decided to keep our looks true to our style instead of going full on Valentines Day. . .although we love a good pink or red dress! 


Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate the beauty in these VEGAN delicious desserts! We were a little nervous to provide only vegan desserts to our friends but we also knew that these sweet treats would win them over! Seriously, the vegan cheesecake in the middle was demolished in about 3 minutes and the mini peanut butter cupcake bites were being fought over!

Pure clean ingredients make it hard to believe that those things taste as good as they do. . .

We’re not sure how she does it, but Roxanne from Meet the Source (link at the bottom of this post) kills it! Every time we order desserts from her, we’re blown away by her talent to make something look and taste so good! You can make special orders with her for all of your parties or just because.

For whatever party your life throws you. . .you NEED these little sparkly utensils for all of your events.

Sometimes all you need is a little heart candle, loose glitter, and pink paper to make the table come together. 

Our goodie bags were gifted by our favorite babes at Laurenly! You can shop our looks from them below.

“ain’t no party like a sparkly wine bottle party.” -us, duh

We know the bottles are adorbs but take a second to check out those cocktail reusable napkins!

We served lots of yummy treats! The kale greens salad that we threw together got a lot of praise from the ladies! It was a few bucks to make and it fills you up! It’s a great dish to add to an appetizer table.

Allow us to introduce you to the best game your party has ever experienced. . .


We printed out 3 celebrities that my roomies have crushes on. After settling on our picks we designed our own game. . .it’s similar to pin the tail on the donkey but it’s the adult version!

We got out a hot pink lip stick and had all the girls put it on, then we blind folded them, spun them 3-4 times and then let destiny pick their “soul mate celebrity.” It was so much fun and we laughed the entire time!! We want to play a version of this at every party because it was so much dang fun!

**this can be played at bachelorettes or birthdays too! get it all here . . . no seriously like all of it . . .



look 1 :

red tee :: The Soul Project

denim :: vintage Levis

look 2 :

tropical dress :: Laurenly

shoes :: Lux Clothing **on sale**


look 1 :

heart sweater :: The Soul Project

denim :: vintage Levis

look 2 :

dress :: Laurenly

shoes :: Baske California


(to fill your party with!)

vegan desserts :: Meet The Source

wine :: One Hope

beer :: Stella Artois

pineapple bottle opener :: The Soul Project

cocktail book :: The Soul Project

cocktail cloth napkins :: The Soul Project

LOVE balloons :: Amazon

Sparkle Plasticware :: Amazon 

XOXO sign :: $1 bin at Target


Stay Golden

xx bree + makenzie


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