Growing Up + Staying Young || feat. White Crow

By show of hands . . . does anyone remember the game MASH? The ever-so-promising game that we personally would scribble on our 6th, 7th, maybe even 8th grade notebooks. Telling ourselves we would marry either a toss up between the cute boy sitting across the room, or Paul Walker . . . and we would live in anything from a shack, to a “mansion”. Do people even use the word mansion anymore?

Regardless, this game was legitness, and we firmly believed in it . . . and then we grew up, and now we’re walking the streets begging people to take us away from reality and play a game of MASH with us. Ha. Just kidding. That’s a little dramatic. We both have beautiful, blessed lives, but growing up is H A R D. It’s a full fledged rollercoaster, that sometimes makes your stomach go flip-flop, wooo, in a good way that creates butterflies, and sometimes it makes it go “yup, I’m gonna puke”.

At the mere ages of young teens you think you have your whole life figured out. “Yeahhh, soooOoo, I’ll be married by, mmm, 23, maybe 24. Those seem like good ages to be married. Oh, and I’ll have a career, and before we have any kids we will have a dog . . . duh”.

Cut-to Bree hitting 24, me (Makenzie) hitting 25, and we have no clue what the heck we are doing 99% of the time. That other 1% is when we are sitting on the beach in bikinis, basking in the sunshine. Other than that . . . yup, not a clue.  So let’s play a game, and we will call it . . .

Imagination vs. Reality

(a look in to our teenage brains vs now)

ready. set. go.

Makenzie ::

Imagination // Married by 24.

Reality // Single at the age of 25 with not a dude in a 50 mile radius in sight, and the thought of marriage at this very moment is a tad frightening.

Imagination // Living on my own.

Reality // Living with my Nana (this however is not a complaint at all, and I’m over here raising the roof).

Imagination // Owns a dog.

Reality // Has a pet rock.

Imagination // Starts having kids soon.

Reality // Has a baby called Two Little Birds Wander West, and not mad about it **raises the roof**.

Imagination // I can live off of McDonalds. McDonalds is life.

Reality // Get that chet away from me. Quinoa is life.

Imagination // Ugh. Working out is a chore, that’s what dance is for.

Reality // Can’t go a day without working out, that’s what bounce is for!

Bree ::

Imagination // Living in LA.

Reality // Loving LA from a distance, traffic is evil.

Imagination // Owning my own business in fashion

Reality // wondering if I’m going to live through this semester & graduate in May **tears**

Imagination // Thinking marriage was lame and I wouldn’t want that until I’m at-least 40

Reality // Having a husband and family would be magical! (honestly, who am I!?)

Imagination // Thinking that I look good with my dyed black hair.

Reality // Never allowing myself to go any shade darker than caramel for my hair.

Imagination // Coffee or caffeinated tea is equivalent to crack.

Reality // If you want my brain to function. . .hand over the morning caffeine & no one gets hurt.

Imagination // I’d rather eat ice cream than run

Reality // Unfortunately, nothing has changed lol

What we’re trying to say is WOW, life does not EVER turn out how you expect it to. You can plan your little heart away, but what the big guy upstair says, goes. Enjoy && don’t over plan every detail. . .enjoy the flight birdies! shop our looks


Bree :

outfit 1

grey tank :: White Crow

cutoffs :: Levis

oversized jean jacket :: Lux Clothing

ankle boots :: Free People 

head wrap :: American Apparel (are they still in business?)

outfit 2

ride free tee :: White Crow

red flannel :: White Crow

lace skirt :: Free People (sold out . . click for other options!)

ankle boots :: Free People

hat :: Free People

outfit 3

plaid dress :: White Crow

boots :: BASKE

Makenzie :

outfit 1

USA tee :: White Crow

denim :: Urban Outfitters

bandana :: vintage + thrifted

leather braided choker :: Vanessa Mooney

open-toed booties :: BASKE

outfit 2

plaid button down :: White Crow

red bikini bra :: Tavik

oversized cutoffs :: Levis

double belt :: Forever 21

boots :: Jeffrey Campbell

brown suede choker :: handmade gift given to me! (shoutout to Mama Paiger)

// stay golden + stay young

xx bree + makenzie

photography by :: Alandra Michelle + @alandramichelle


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