Bounce Back || feat. Bounce Society X Splits59

:: March Madness Week 2 ::

In honor of my current favorite jam *clears throat* . . . “Uh…uh…last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back”. DROP THE MIC. **picks mic back up**

hold on, I’m not finished . .

Hi, hello, how are yeww, and hippy happy FriYAY birdies! Week 2 of March Madness has come to an end, but what a week we’ve had!! We hope you have been following along here, on our Instagram, and Instagram Story as we test out all types of different workouts throughout the Orange County area!

This week we had the pleasure of taking classes at the upbeat, kickass, sweat pouring, FUN, energetic, exhausting, friggin’ hard workout studio called Bounce Society located in both Newport & Costa Mesa. Guarantee you have never done a workout like it. I’ll put money on it . . . and once you bounce . . . you neva bounce back. OHHHH! What is Bounce?

– It is a 60 min workout revolving around those tiny little guys behind Bree and I in the above photo. Yup, mini trampolines, and holyyy cardio like you’ve never experienced before.

-Every class will never be the same! Each class is specifically constructed by Bounce Society’s incredible instructors. Each instructor having a lengthy background in fitness, and dance, BUT that does NOT mean you have to be a dancer to get the hang of this workout.

-The trampoline is your friend! And NO, you will not fall off. Promise.

-10 min on the trampoline = 30 min running (if that doesn’t make you drop everything and sign up, then I give up).

-Instead of feeling the pain everyone feels, or at least I constantly feel when I go for a run; I can run, and sprint on the trampoline and feel 40% less impact on my old lady joints.

-Everything is to a beat, even the muscle toning part of the class. It’s just one big dance party, and you don’t have to worry about being the best, and you don’t have to be so dang serious the whole time. You should be smiling through your workout! Working out should be fun, and what the heck is funner (yup, as of today that’s a word) than bouncing on a mini trampoline to your favorite songs!? Nothing . . . well other than Disneyland.

Learn even more benefits of Bounce > HERE  <

  Classes Offered

Bounce :: 60 min class mainly focusing on bounce cardio with toning songs in between that target arms, abs, and dem buns huns.

Sculpt :: 60 minutes of dynamic movements to tone & shape your body into tip-top shape. Inspired by dance, martial arts, yoga & sports movement.

Half + Half :: *cue Hannah Montana* “you get the besssttt of both worlds”. Half bounce cardio + half muscle sculpting.

Bounce Restore :: A fusion of trampoline cardio and yoga flow; designed to alleviate soreness, rejuvenate your body, and give your mind a well-deserved moment of reflection.

NEW Barre :: Move through athletic ballet positions and isometric moves in creative ways that elevate your heart rate and tone your body. Bounce Society Deals + Events COMING UP 

FREE BARRE CLASSES from March 20th – April 20th . . . no this is not a joke, it’s real. Sign up meoww!

2nd Annual Beach Bounce happening on April 2nd! It’s World Autism Awareness Day, and all donations will be going to Autism Speaks.

New Clients receive 50% off first months membership. shop Splits59



top :: Splits59

tights :: Splits59

sweater :: Splits59

shoes :: Nike


sweater :: Splits59

tights :: Splits59

sports bra :: Splits59

shoes :: Nike


stay golden + start bouncing

xx bree + makenzie

photography by :: Lauryn Alvarez + @lauryn.ashh

write by :: Makenzie


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