Burn Baby Burn || feat. Sweaty Betty + Pilates Plus OC

Calling all babes who like to sweat. . .& look good while doing it in bright colors and printed yoga pants. . .&& burn baby burn.

This week for our March Madness we worked out at a local favorite, Pilates Plus OC in Newport (see previous posts for the first two featured studios). The 50 minute Lagree pilates class on the megaformer will get your heart rate up with the cardio and weight bearing for a FULL body workout. Seriously, I’m sore just typing this post  . . .the good kind of sore when you feel your little baby abs working hours after the work out.

The instructors here are on fire + have the best music playlists. Let’s be honest, a good workout can only go so far with blehhh music. These days it’s almost required that the instructor also be a Spotify dj and playlist creating guru, bonus points for any instructor who throws in a little 90’s playlist in to the mix.

After taking a weeks worth of classes, we can both say that this full body work out is unlike any pilates class we have ever taken! Every muscle is constantly working during the entire workout which increased our stoke level to 100%.

If you’re stuck in a workout rut and you can’t seem to break through to your next fitness goal we suggest dropping in to Pilates Plus OC (or search near you for a Lagree Pilates class with a megaformer) because this might just push you to your goal and beyond. (infomercial closing scene where they say you only have 5 minutes until the deal is gone, that last sentence felt a bit infomercial-esk but it was necessary lol)

This is what sculpting your bum looks like^^

Activating your core, arms, glutes + shoulders ^

shop the looks //


Top :: Sweaty Betty 

Bottoms :: Sweaty Betty  (the sides are mesh which you can’t really see in the images but they’re so so rad!)


Top :: Sweaty Betty 

Bottoms :: Sweaty Betty

Both of our bottoms are high waisted which are our FAVORITE because it just keeps everything sucked in and ready to work without having to worry about our tops moving up and all that jazz. We’re huge fans of the high waist yoga pants **praise emoji hands.

P.S Sweaty Betty has the most amazing fit ever! They have an online store + they’re opening a store in OC at the new Lido Marina Village on April 5th!!! Join us for the grand opening + champs + grand opening goodies! We’ll be posting a ton leading up to the event to remind you about it.

Stay Golden!

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Lauryn Alvarez 

Studio :: Pilates Plus 

Write-up by :: Bree

Stay tuned for our final fourth week of March Madness starting on Monday! Check in to our instagram story to see where we’re working out at and wrapping up our four week challenge!


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