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Before we dive into this can we just say how O B S E S S E D we are of these photos + these outfits. Our lovely photog Alandra Michelle absolutely KILLED it, and we didn’t do too bad at styling either . . . if we do say so ourselves **monkey emoji covering it’s mouth**. In all seriousness, we hope we inspire you babes to get creative with your clothing! Step & think outside your comfort box. Did I ever think I would be rockin’ an aztec poncho with my Nirvana tee? Nope. But I’m not mad at it.

Let’s get to the point of this weeks write up. Sometimes you’re unsure about where your life is going, but that doesn’t mean we should sit in that sadness, & confusion. We should make a change. I say we because just last week I, Makenzie, was talking about how lost I felt, right here to all you birds. UPDATE :: still feeling a little lost, BUT have come to a realization that there needs to be a change in my life. I haven’t quite figured out where that change will come from, and that’s a struggle in itself, but I know just being aware of this is one step closer to figuring out this crazy, stupid, beautiful life of mine.

Let’s elaborate. Bree speaking now **raises hand** . . . so we’re lost right? We don’t really know where our lives are headed because honestly who really does know what the heck they’re doing when they’re in their mid-twenties, or thirties or so on (Salem cry)? Well this week I was sitting in one of my classes and we had a guest speaker shed a little light on finding your “purpose” and how to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. . .

So the guest speaker was all about finding your purpose and making sure that it is in line with Gods plan for you. Hold your horses. . if you’re not the religious type (which we don’t use that R word here, we prefer relational) this will still benefit you! We can all agree that we have a purpose, right? Right! So let’s do a sparks notes version on what my speaker did below : **you’ll need a piece of paper. Get ready to be inspired!

Example ::

1. Make a list of three things that you wish you could change, improve, fix, boost that occur in society, your life etc. This is your “PROBLEM” statement.

2. Out of those 3 things, create a “SOLUTION” to one of the problems above.

3. Now look back at 1. and 2. and see how this solution could change someones life for the better or how YOU can change someones life for the better.

This list is designed to help you find where your passions may be and where maybe your heart (God) wants you to go. My class had a ton of different answers to this “purpose finder,” which makes sense. . .we are all designed differently to do different things. Don’t rely on your friends list of passions and purposes to choose your direction in life! I truly hope that this helps at least one of you birdies if you are relating with us on our journey of “finding our purpose” in this crazy noisy and beautiful world we live in.

My List ::

1. PROBLEM: Some women, girls, and teens are so lost in social media and the celebrity standards of how they are supposed to look and live that they are not focusing on finding their passions & strengths, listening to their body and being the healthiest they can be and feeling BEAUTIFUL in their skin.

2. SOLUTION: Provide a comfortable place (blog, website, social media handles etc) where we as females can go to get health tips that are attainable, motivational/real information on how to face life’s toughest battles, fun tips on how to dress to feel good for yourself not to impress others.

3. By applying the solution to the problem, I could potentially change the lives of women and how they view themselves, encourage them to make healthy lifestyle changes that can help them achieve their goals in life and truly just create a legacy change within their life/family/friend group to be kick ass girls who are confident and unstoppable!

AND THAT is how I defined my purpose in life during this season. Our purpose may change and adjust depending on life but having this type of purpose road map is great because it allows you to check yooo self and see if you are dedicating the time and energy in to the right places. If your job is just a place you go to get a check, it’s time to make some adjustments to make sure you are living to your fullest potential!

**please note, I am not a hard core feminist. I’m actually not a feminist at all. I am an individualist (is this a thing, well I’m making it a thing) who wants more people, men & women to be able to kill it in life and be confident in their own INDIVIDUAL skin! I just find that particularly females that I observe suffer from social media/ media/ celebrities/ & friends opinions defining their life and I believe you’re worth more than the opinion of others!

lets shop



poncho :: White Crow

band tee :: Lux Clothing (no longer available) + HERE is another sick one

jeans :: Free People

boots :: BASKE

necklace :: Windsor

hat :: Free People


tank :: White Crow

jean jacket :: vintage + made by me!

jeans :: Urban Outfitters

boots :: BASKE

hat :: Forever 21 (no longer available) + but Lack of Color kills it


Stay Golden!

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Alandra

Write-up by :: Beginning: Makenzie, Middle-end: Bree


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