Get Gritty Wit It || feat. Grit Cycle


We know what you’re thinking . . . is this a cycle studio . . . or a day spa? Ha. Right!? Honestly when we both first stepped into the Monarch Beach location of Grit Cycle our jaws dropped. We had never seen such an aesthetically pleasing to the eye workout studio . . . well other than Equinox because c’mon, that place is like Disneyland . . . they have cold eucalyptus towels, BUT SO DOES GRIT! Okay, okay, I’m getting a head of myself.


It’s our last & final week of March Madness. Altogether now. . . awwww, sadzz (Salem cry), but then again we don’t know if we are crying because it’s over, or crying because our muscles have never felt so much pain within one measly month. But ohhh it hurts SO good, and our foam rollers are our new best friends. With that being said, lets get into the nitty-grittiness.

Grit Cycle. What is it? Where is it? Is it even worth it? Funny you should ask . . .

WARNING :: the Monarch Beach location has a full blown, beautiful activewear retail store. Beware of wanting to buy everything. Oh, and the dressing rooms are next level. Everything we are wearing can be purchased at Grit Cycle MB **woot woot hands**. What is Grit? ::

This indoor cycle experience is unlike any others. It’s a high intensity, heart pounding, sweat dripping, full body spin class! The neon blue lights have us feelin’ some type of way, but the type of way you can only fully understand if you take a class. It goes from pitch-black soul searching, to neon dance party, get up & spin your butt off!

We took our first class with Grit’s instructor Matt a.k.a. Gangsta Boss Man. He also almost made me pass out in my first class because it was so hot and sweaty I literally could not breathe. But believe it or not, it pushed me harder, and the gangster rap music didn’t hurt either. Seriously though I never knew how hood I truly was until I knew every song on his playlist. It was LIT fam.

Now I know what you’re thinking because most people think this . . . “cycling, ugh, how boring, and my legs would get so ginormous”. Lemme stop you right there. With the right playlist my dear friends, NOTHING is boring. Also, personally I could never be the hardcore cycling type, but every once in awhile I could get my spin fix on and be a happy spinner because if there’s a will, there’s a way, & I will be damned if I did not find a way to dance on that bike . . . ja’feel? As for the “legs getting ginormous” . . . false . . . on the contrary my birdie babes. At Grit you experience resistance training, as well as spin sprinting (at least that’s what I like to call it). In other words, one song you’ll be climbing the tallest mountain, and then the next you’ll be sprinting on a flat road. If you are finding your legs getting bigger from spin it’s important to take note that yes everybody’s body is different, but also to look at your diet. If your diet isn’t on track, you could be adding muscle ON TOP of fat, instead of burning the fat & magically turning it into muscle. There has to be a balance between working your butt off in a workout class, and feeding your body with REAL, and NATURAL ingredients!! Also, the instructors are amazing here and totally willing to help you with your form to make sure you are riding at your best for your body!

Where Is It? ::

Grit has two, count ‘em, one . . . two locations in the Orange County area. I’m just going to leave the addresses rigghhhttttt here.

Monarch Beach //


Costa Mesa //


This is one of Grit’s rockstar instructors, Maddy. This is Maddy telling us hips back, shoulders relaxed, light hands, & being candid is hard. We loved Maddy. Is It Even Worth It? ::

DUH. We wouldn’t be bustin’ our bums taking class each day, sometimes twice a day if it wasn’t worth it. We have walked out of every class drenched head to toe in sweat. For me that’s not really saying much because I’m such a sweaty human **eye roll**, but Bree on the other hand . . . yup drenched. Oh! And getting back to those cold eucalyptus towels. Mm, mm, soOoo good. It’s like the class ends, the big back doors open, the light shines in, and a little fairy comes by your bike and drops off an ice cold towelette, and you think . . . “Heaven? Is that you?”. You feel worked. You feel exhausted, but re-energized oddly enough, and after each class you feel a little bit closer to your goal. So GET AT IT. You will never know if you actually don’t like to cycle until you try it! ANNNDDD they have Purps. *drop the freakin’ mic*  SHOUTOUT to Will! We love you man!get all types of active



top :: Free People

tights :: Alo


bra :: Free People (sold out everywhere, but found it here on SALE)

top :: Free People

tights :: GOLDSHEEP

//This month was an adventure, and we loved every bit of it! Now this whole “try new studios” thing has become an addiction, and our bodies are LOVING it. We became so obsessed with these studios & the people in and all around them!! Can we just say . . . we know how to pick ‘em. *dusts off shoulder* Seriously though, every studio kicked major ass, and we have come to the conclusion that Orange County is legitness and has a chet-ton to offer to get your bums in shape and your mind healthy! NO EXCUSES.

To all the studios that were a part of this crazy month of M A D N E S S, and to all the activewear brands that made us look KILLER every time we stepped into class . . . we THANK YOU.

Week 1 :: Pure Barre + Onzie

Week 2 :: Bounce Society + Splits59

Week 3 :: Pilates Plus OC + Sweaty Betty

Week 4 :: Grit Cycle MB

Stay Golden + Stay Sweaty

xx bree + makenzie

Photography by :: Arika Jean

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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