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YIIEWW **insert shaka emjoi here**

Spring is here, which means **singing in a high pitched voice** SUMMER IS COMMINNGGGG. The sun has come out to puhh-lay, yet our skin did not get the memo. I look like a burnt fried chicken at the moment, and my Mum would be yelling at me if she wasn’t across the world in Australia visiting my sister. Mwahaha. But seriously peeps, wear sunscreen because oh. my. gosh. I’m the idiot *raises hand* that thought, “even though I’m ghostly white, almost clear (you could see right through me) . . . the UV isn’t that bad,  I will be INVINCIBLE towards the sun.

Ya. No.

Keep scrolling to see what sunscreen is our personal faves because you want your sun protection game to be on fleek! yayaya SAFE SUN PROTECTION

my stoke level in the above picture is how I clearly feel about sunscreen. duh. but really I actually HATE it with a passion, and have to force myself to wear it.

I’ve, or we’ve probably said this a bajillion times, but Bree and I have superrr sensitive skin. It’s kind of actually ridiculous. We so badly want to be those people that can try every product under the sun (pun intended), but come to quickly realize that we just aren’t those people, and probably will never be. *sighs* With that being said, along with our superrr sensitive skin, we are supperrr picky about what we put on it. It’s a short list, but they’ll be worth your while, trust us.

side-note // Everyone’s skin is different! We urge you to try these out, but if your skin hates them then by all means STOP . . . in the name of love.

COOLA Suncare :: If you follow us on Instagram (yes I put the link right there just in case you’re not, which BTW . . . howww rude)(yes that was a Full House reference) you probably saw us go goo-goo-ga-ga over the COOLA Sunless Tan collection . . . still loving it too! But before there was sunless tan, there was just plain ole organic classic/mineral/beauty sunscreen. I could tell you what the difference is, but that’s just a waste when COOLA explains it all perfectly right here. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to things that I’m putting either on, or in my body, I want to know ALL the facts. Give me allllll dat research, ja’feel?

Kiss My Face :: This is a brand that I just so happened to come across at Sprouts! I needed a sunscreen that wasn’t going to break out my chest, that was organic, and didn’t contain all the yucky stuff that was causing my break outs . . . and that’s when I started to try out Kiss My Face BABY Sunscreen. Yes, the baby kind. Babies have such fine, little bb, oh-seww-cute, sensitive skin that when using the baby sunscreen you get further protection from the sun, and less irritation because of the sensitivity that comes with being a baby! The only thing about the baby sunscreen, and it might be the regular too, but I’m not sure because I’ve never used it, it goes on pretty white and it’s real good at being water resistant. But I used it all summer long, and didn’t get sunburnt ONCE! That’s a record. Clearly I already ruined the record *eye-roll*. those looks doe



tank :: Others Follow

shorts :: Others Follow

jean jacket :: Reformation (vintage)

shoes :: Vans

dress :: Others Follow

sandals :: Free People (no longer available) but love these

necklace :: Trust Jewelry


tee:: Others Follow

shorts :: Others Follow

shoes :: Vans

dress :: Others Follow


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//   stay golden

xx bree + makenzie

photography by :: Arika Jean

write-up by :: Makenzie


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