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Alright, here’s the thing. . .we worry so much about being NICE to people around us but forget about someone very important, OURSELVES! It is so important to be nice to ourselves in the midst of life’s chaos, because after all we are doing our best!

There are negative toads (that’s right, I just called negative people toads. Big yucky slimy toads) all around us at work, school, social media, politics and even big media like the news. When I think about it, all this negativity makes it so much easier to complain and be negative in our personal life because our surroundings are negative and we let down our guard of protecting ourselves and uplifting ourselves. That is why I fell in love with this top because it reminds me and anyone who looks at my shirts giant letters to just BE NICE . . .it’s also in yellow which we should all know by now is my favorite color ever!

Take some time this weekend to be nice to yourself. Get your nails done, dust off the book you started months ago and snuggle in the sunshine, start a new Netflix show while eating all your favorite goodies, or try a new work out studio from our March Madness challenge (see previous posts from last month!). The list above are ways to sit back and tell yourself, “hey, I have been kicking butt lately and I need some me time to enjoy life.” We spend way too much time judging ourselves and putting so much pressure so take the weekend to take off your bra and say dang I love myself and what I have accomplished!

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Giant Sun Blocking Hat :: San Diego Hat Company

Be Nice Shirt :: Chaser Brand

Pleaded Skirt (actually it’s a dress) :: I found this on clearance at Urban a few months ago but here’s another option at Urban Outfitters 

Leather Heeled Sandals :: BASKE 

stay golden & be nice!

xx bree + makenzie

photography by :: Birds

write-up by :: Bree


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