Tequila. Tacos. & Naps. || feat. Chaser

These are a few of my favorite thingsssss . . .

a bikini, a hat, & a graphic tee.

I could live in these three things forever; *cue Outkast* forever, forever, ever, forever, ever? Yes André 3000, forever, and I usually do when summer rolls around . . . #hashtagblessed. It gets to a point where people ask me, “SooOoo do you wear normal clothes, or naw?”. Can’t complain my dudes. Can’t. Complain.

Another three of my favorite things . . . tacos, tequila, & naps. Okay, I’m lying, two of my favorite things tacos & naps. Okay, I’m lying again, just one of my favorite things, tacos because I absolutely, utterly, terribly suck at taking naps. I have to be running on 2 hours of sleep, happily fed, & turn my mind off to take a successful nap, and usually this is never the case because I’ll start thinking of a dog YouTube video Bree showed me and then . . . hmm, should I get a dog? I have time for a dog right? No Makenzie you do not have time for a dog, you barely have time for a boyfriend. Ohh that’s cold. And this conversation will last for as long as I wanted to take just a quick 30 minute power nap. Moving on from my napping problems **sigh**, in case you were not aware Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and I thinkkkk by seeing/reading this blog post you mayyyy have found your cinco soulmate, a.k.a. graphic tee. Just saying, there’s enough time to order it and get it on time, so hop to it! Oh you want to know how many days? No worries mate, 14 days. You want to know why I know this?

A. El Ranchito on the Newport Beach peninsula legit has a countdown on the front of their restaurant. I ain’t mad at this. So much build up. So much excitement.


Cinco de Mayo ladies and gents (do gents even read our blog?), is not only the day imma boogie to no degree, BUT it’s also the day Bree FINALLY graduates from college. OHMAHGAH can I get a woot woot!? Can I get a freakin’ cartwheel!? Somersault!?  Something of the sorts!? It almost feels like I’m graduating yet I did none of the work.

There’s really no point to this blog post other than me rambling about how I can’t nap worth chet, I love tacos, tequila could quite possibly be the devil in alcohol form & I want to cartwheel into oblivion because I’m so freakin’ proud of my bb bird!

I guess the jokes on you for wasting probably 15 min of you’re precious Friday on a blog post that has no uplifting meaning . . . suckers.

Kidding! Eat lots of tacos & be creative with your outfit for cinco. It’s on a Friday for pete sake, so I hope you’re gonna shimmy and shake, and make those hearts break. Who’s with me!? chicka chicka shop it chicka chicka ya


 tee :: Chaser

bikini top :: Isabella Rose

bikini bottoms :: Isabella Rose

hat :: Peter Grimm

necklace :: Energy Muse

// olé **insert dancer girl emoji in red dress here**

xx makenzie

Photography by :: Birds

Styling by :: Birds


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