Wander West || feat. Show Me Your Mumu

Let’s keep this short + sweet, and cut to the chase shall we? People ask us all the time, “where did you wander west from?”.

**record scratch**

Hold the phone. Nope. Wrong. Rewind. Back-up. These birds were MADE IN THE WEST because IT’S THE BEST . . . duh . . . but don’t get it twisted because oh do we luh-luh-love to wander. Wander West became a little piece of us because we found that even when we travel, when we can’t wait to get out of California, we always end up missing home heaps, and doo-da-doo . . . wander back west (a.k.a. home if you weren’t catching onto that).

Home is where the heart is, and no matter where we go . . . sunshine, sand, & saltwater always wins.

Now enjoy a nice scroll through what seems to be something that resembles magic . . . .

the photos . . . the photos & outfits are magic. C’MON people work with me! shop the MuMu + more



tank :: Show Me Your MuMu

shorts:: Show Me Your MuMu

hat :: Lack of Color

shoes :: BASKE

crescent necklace :: Blaine Bowen

choker :: Laura Matthews


top :: Show Me Your MuMu

shorts :: Show Me Your MuMu

shoes :: BASKE

wrap bracelet :: Laura Matthews


stay golden + keep wanderin’

Photography by :: Arika Jean

Styling by :: The Birds

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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