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Summer Goals ::

S A N D Y – C H E E K S

For those of you who have been following us for a bit, you know that we are truly in our happiest place when our buns are in the sand and the sun is kissing our skin. There is nothing better, in our opinion, than spending the weekend next to the waves. We would usually say IN THE WAVES but with the recent outbreak of sharks **cut to a scene from Jaws** we will be spending our summer in the sand. So far there has been about 22 spotted great white sharks in our waters. . .TWENTY-TWO!!!!! I laugh while writing this because if you were to write a horror film specifically to scare the living daylight out of Makenzie, it would feature sharks. Sharks are her biggest fear in life, no joke, she can’t breathe just talking about them let alone knowing they are swimming freely in our backyard!!!!

So for now, we will be sitting in the wet sand (pictured above) until the whole 22 giant hungry great white shark thing is solved.

A surf-less + swim-less summer is ahead my friends which means we need to get some new sunshine beach hobbies. Stay tuned to see how we spend our summers. I’m sensing a lot of cooking (yay, recipes for you!) and bike rides along the beach.

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Bikini Top :: Citrine 

Bikini Bottom :: Citrine 

Sandy Cheeks Top :: Amuse Society

Hat :: Ale By Alessandra 

Puka Shell Necklace :: Trust 


Bikini Top :: Citrine

Bikini Bottom :: Citrine 

Chambray Coverup :: Stillwater 

Hat :: Peter Grimm 

Blue bracelet :: Laura Matthews Designs

Crescent Moon Necklace :: Blaine Bowen 

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Photography by :: Arika Jean

Styling by :: The Birds

Write-up by :: Bree


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