Suffer Well || feat. White Crow

Suffering is such a harsh word, right? When you think of someone or something suffering you think drastic, or at least I do. But suffering comes in all shapes and sizes . . . big and small. No matter how you are suffering in your life, it should never be overlooked.

These past few weeks in church the sermon has been on just that . . . suffering. Now HOLD ON. If you’re not a believer that’s totes fine because believe it or not (ha, see what I did there) you don’t have to believe to relate to what I’m trying to say. In my life I’m going through a season of suffering, so you could imagine how stoked I was to be able to relate to what was being said these past two Sundays.

My Mum always told me I would go through seasons in my life. Have you ever heard that before? **pauses for you to answer the question** Have you also ever heard that your Mum is right about everything? Ha. Me too. There’s a season for everything! Just like winter, spring, and summer, there is love, lost, and heartbreak. But you know how during a warm season you’ll still have some cloud coverage, brisk air, OR during a colder season you’ll have some sunshine to come out to puh-lay . . . well same goes for life. How lucky am I that my suffering has been in giant waves of never-ending heartbreak (referring to love)? I’ll answer for you  . .  pretty darn lucky. Life brings on tragedies like I said before, big and small. Mine just so happens to be in the form of numerous boys messing with my heart. I’m the last single girl in my amazing group of friends. The last single girl . . . Carrie Bradshaw’s my name, don’t wear it out. Ha, BUT SERIOUSLY I’ve never related more.

With that being said it has brought on a personal season of suffering. There’s been many peeks of sunshine, and happiness, but the suffering sometimes outweighs that . . . or so it seems. However, here’s the kicker and some of the things I took away from those two sermons. Maybe you can find comfort in it as well if you are going through your season of suffering . . .

Just because we suffer alone, doesn’t mean we have to suffer on our own. When we suffer it often leads to pain, which then leads to feeling isolated and alone, but LIFE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE LIVED ALONE gosh darnet, especially during suffering. For me, that’s where my God comes off the bench and into the game **screaming PUT ME IN COACH**. Well actually He’s always in the game, but I was trying to come up with a cool metaphor there . . . just go with it.

Nothing in our lives will mold us the way suffering does. People ask all the time, “Well if there’s a God, why is there suffering in the world?” I can assure you I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that in our darkest hours, when we are standing in the midst of the darkness, THAT is when we find our strength. THAT is when we find our faith and see the sun rise again because God loves us. Yes, He even loves you. He doesn’t always cause your pain, but He has a plan for your pain, and oh how sweet it is to know and trust that His plan is always perfect.

In the midst of your “planned suffering” I urge you to rely on someone other than yourself. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not enough. I’m a strong freakin’ human being, yet I am weak . . . so SO weak . . . and I’m so thankful that I can not only turn to Him, but He’s given me a plethora (what a great word) of friends to rely on. Friends that choose to call me at random times in the day to check on me. Stop pushing people away, and invite them in. Stop pushing down your pain and stare it straight in the face. Look it in the eye and FEEL SOMETHING for goodness sake. Cry with someone, pray with someone, scream into a pillow!! You’re a human, and it’s okay to be a human 100% of the time. I think people forget that. We’re told all the freakin’ time to be strong, to push through. Yes. Totes. Get it! But know that it’s okay to not be okay. I’ll be honest, I’m writing this right now to all of you and I’m not okay . . . but I will be.

Your life, my life, our lives have purpose! That’s where we find our hope. Your suffering has a purpose, but we have to find the good in our suffering to understand what it means to suffer well. Choose to believe your suffering has meaning. Choose to know that God is with you, and for you during your season of suffering. Choose to suffer well.

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