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N O.

That two letter word that can bring pain, shut down dreams and even ignite a little flame of anger inside of you has become such a powerful word for being so small. We have all heard it before, wether it was asking our parents for something when we were younger, a boss, a friend or maybe even at a try out for a team or club of some sort. This word seems like it could take your breath away if used properly. . .

We’ve all had dreams and goals, big or small that have had obstacles along the way. Sometimes the two letter word can be unexpected, especially if you have put in the work and dedication to achieve a yes instead.

Okay, where I am going with all this yes no stuff? Hold your horses, it’s coming. . .

If you have something that sets a fire in your soul to chase and achieve, then it has enough passion behind it to be pursued. By allowing someone else (a boss, teacher, judge etc.) to tell you, “it’s going to be a no for me dog” (Randy Jackson, American Idol)  and literally dump a bucket of water on that fire leaving you with nothing but smoked out dreams, you’re allowing that person to take control of your dreams and passions. Not cool, man. Not cool. It’s okay for people to tell you no, but you need to remember what first motivated you to want that dream or goal to be met and revisit the feeling that you had when you decided to chase it. . .apply that passion to pursue your dream in a new way. As cliche as it may sound, God is the only one who can truly tell you no . . .and he usually has the BEST plan that comes some time after hearing no.

Take all those NO’s as motivation to keep pushing forward, but also know that sometimes a no means there is something so much greater around the corner just waiting for you to push forward through the yucky feelings to get to it.

Kenz and I have heard no a dozen times. . .but we’ve also reworked our dreams a dozen times and golden doors open as we continue to put in the hard work and make adjustments to each no.

No never means no, it just means you need to make a few adjustments to take off running again!

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Stay Golden, Birdies!

xx bree + makenzie

Photos by :: Birds (& cousin Alec. . .he killed it!)

Styling :: Birds

Write-up by :: Bree


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  1. Virginia Bridges
    June 17, 2017 / 5:48 am

    Awesome write up Bree. So very true and for you to know this at this time in your life is amazing. Love you girls.

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