Birds Blog-iversary || 3 Years!

TODAY marks 3 years since we launched our very first blog post!

We were both so excited to finally have a place where we could truly be raw to give advice, help motivate ourselves by motivating our readers through our life experiences, style and shoot according to our style and learn and grow with anyone who cared to join us.

We kicked off our blog launch 3 years ago with a tea party with all of our best friends and family. At this time we had a whopping 10 subscribers to our blog and 100 followers on our social handles. . .that was just enough for us to be stoked to keep going! Still to this day, we celebrate every new subscriber and follower because it’s such a gift for us to be a part of your world! We dreamed that one day we could make this a business, but we really had no idea how we would get there. Last year, after celebrating our 2 year blogiversary, we decided to relaunch our website design and actually establish a business model. If we wanted to keep our little baby bird running we needed to turn our hobby into our actual dream job. We had some pretty big goals & it is insane to say that we made most of them this year!!!!! AKA working closely with a few of the brands that have been on our “dream list” since the beginning: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters Home, Billabong, and a ton more!

Want to know more about us & our journey? Keep readin’ . . . OH! The photos are from most recent, to when we very first started this adventure. Laughter is encouraged at how much we have grown visually. . .enjoy!  

What did we do before birds (work, school) ?

We both grew up in the entertainment industry (singing, dancing and acting) so we have always loved being in front of the camera or on stage (aka our blog). Shortly after high school, I (Bree) started working at clothing line in Downtown Los Angeles as the stylist for all photoshoots and part of the digital marketing team. Work was getting crazy and our team needed another person to help with PR and styling on set. . .this is when I found Makenzie (the girl I knew from back home but haven’t seen in a while since we last ran in to each other while filming the MTV series Awkward). Makenzie fit the job perfectly and she was hired! We worked side by side learning and growing together as stylist, PR and marketing gurus. We loved working in that world and that is what inspired us to create our own thing . . . *there’s more*  keep srcollin’ . . . the blog! Kenzie also found her passion for fitness and instructing during this time and she went on to get her certification to be an instructor for Bounce Society where she teaches now, and will soon be getting certified in pilates (amen, for the both of us. . we love pilates!). During this time, I continued to work at the clothing line while going to school, it was not until my final year of college that I decided I needed to focus on school so I quit my job and became a full time marketing student and graduated this past May.

Why did we start birds?

One day we sat on the beach eating fish tacos (Bear Flag Co., duh!) and talked about how we wish we had a place that provided tips for people our age that was actually achievable for health, fashion and fitness. . .it was this sunny day that we decided to start our own blog. We wanted to create a comfortable place for girls and women to scroll through that would inspire them and motivate them to be the best possible version of themselves and chase their dreams fearlessly while we do the same!

How did we come up with the name?

We both thought of Two Little Birds and Wander West separately and loved them so much that we merged them together. We call each other birdie so the Two Little Birds made sense and then for Wander West we decided that we are always traveling to new places and love going to New York and the east coast, but every time we travel away from home we find ourselves falling even more in love with the west coast that we were raised in.

We are blessed to call Newport Beach, California home and we are stoked to be able to provide a place for all the little birdies to flock to! We hope we inspire and motivate you to be wild and f e a r l e s s in everything you do!

Thank you from the bottom of both of our heart’s for flying with us along our journey!

&& THANK YOU to everyone who has given us advice, shot us when we couldn’t shoot eachother (we have the best photographers in zee world!!), and given us the chance to wear your brand and style it our way!

Cheers to 3 years!!



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