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As most of you know from our previous post, we just celebrated our 3rd birthday or as we call it, our 3rd blog-iversary. Since we gave you some insight to why we started the blog + our history in the fashion industry and all that good stuff in Wednesday’s post. . .we thought it would be appropriate to do an interview style write up for you to learn more about us individually!

**cue the show host deep man voice**

 Get ready to meet the birds, Bree & Makenzie

(FYI. Setting the record straight. Bree is the one in the two piece & Kenzie is in the dress, there’s been confusion on who we are)

Interview starts now. . .

What’s your favorite color?

Bree :: Yellow, red, white

Makenzie :: Mustard yellow

Coffee or tea?

Bree :: Both. I love coffee with coconut oil or a matcha latte, then chamomile for bedtime

Makenzie :: Coffee. . .and if i’ve already had 1 coffee then I switch to matcha with almond milk

Favorite work out?

Bree :: I freak out for hot yoga and just recently I’ve been obsessed with pilates

Makenzie :: Bounce Society aka trampoline fitness and Lagree Pilates Favorite place to spend your weekend?

Bree :: Anywhere I’m with my family and Brock is the perfect weekend for me, but the beach is my favorite destination to be with all my people. I love random days spent at the beach with Kenzie too where we just sit and listen to music and make fun of ourselves and talk in British accents just because.

Makenzie :: Same. . .I love spending days with Bree’s family and Brock. Kidding. But I do love those daze spent with Bree on the boardwalk & in the sunshine. My absolute favorite place to be is rolling in the sand (literally), with my best girl friends or on the duffy boat driving around the bay.

Favorite book?

Bree :: Firefly Lane. That is the BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!

Makenzie :: Oh. . .like a book without pictures? Not Dr. Sues? Yea, skip. Can I say The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. . .again? I’m laughing because I quote this book WAY too often.

Favorite show or movie? 

Bree :: Chicago P.D, Law and Order SVU and for my movie it’s 100% The Pink Panther. I could quote the whole Pink Panther movie for you and laugh the entire time while doing it as if I was watching it. . some call that crazy, I call it talent 🙂

Makenzie :: Hands down One Tree Hill gives me all the feels. I may or may not be watching it for the 3rd time on Netflix. Movie wise, usually it’s anything that Nancy Meyers has produced or directed aka The Holiday. Favorite influencer/blogger/celebrity?

Bree :: Tash and Dev from A Bikini a Day because they are killin’ it. I also love The Salty Blonde, she’s hilarious!

Makenzie :: Tash and Dev are 100% our favorites! They both inspire us so much. Natasha Oakley is my favorite and I just love her and her style. She knows her angles and is so classy. Kate Hudson on Snapchat . . . I die.

Guilty pleasure?

Bree :: Law and Order SVU or tagging Brock and Makenzie in 5,000 memes a day on Instagram.

Makenzie :: Creeping on people on Instagram. . .but really, I’m scary good at this chet. Favorite food or restaurant?

Bree :: Favorite food would be mexican or thai. Favorite Restaurant of all time is True Foods or Rubys. Makes sense. . .I know, I just like food.

Makenzie :: Favorite food is pizza or french fries. . .well balanced diet, friends. Well I do love the Cheesecake Factory but The Butchers Daughter is the BEST.

Ultimate food guilty pleasure?

Bree :: Ice cream of any kind or potatoes of any kind (chips, fries, mashed, all of it)

Makenzie :: My dads homemade hot fudge chocolate malts *my mouth is watering*

Favorite season? 

Bree :: I’m a sucker for every season! But I love summer and fall most!

Makenzie :: SUMMER! **sings like Olaf while saying summerDream vacation?

Bree :: Bali or Africa

Makenzie :: Everywhere Tash Oakley goes.

Favorite part of having a blog?

Bree :: Working with my best friend and being as creative as possible and making our visions come to life.

Makenzie :: Working with my bestieeeeeeeeee (I’m sorry it’s been a long day, I’m loosing it) and having all the freedom to do whatever we want when we want it

What does our Saturday night look like?

Bree :: I’m either drinking tea like a granny and watching movies or I’m out dancing with all my friends!

Makenzie :: Depends on who I’m with, ya feel meh? But my reality usually revolves around Netflix, my bed and tea wishing I was out socializing.Bree’s looks //

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Makenzie’s looks // 

Rust Off the Shoulder Dress :: Shop Lux (in store & online)

Necklace :: Gorjana

Ear Climber :: Gorjana

Stay Golden, Birdies!

xx bree + makenzie

Photos by :: Sydney Noelle

Styling :: Birds

Write-up by :: Bree + Makenzie


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  1. June 27, 2017 / 9:34 am

    This was so fun to read, Makenzie and Bree! Loved learning fun facts and tidbits about each of you. I so enjoy following your adventures, you are just crushing it! Thanks for all you do, write and wear … so inspiring. #Happy3rdBD ❤️

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