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**sing it with me**

You’re a risk-taker, dream maker, love shaker + no one mess around with you!

. . . I may or may not have just changed the lyrics of Pat Benatar’s iconic song “Hearbreaker”, but if you close your eyes and just scream those words at the top of your lungs to the same melody it TOTALLLYYYY works.

You know I have a point to this. I always have a point. It just takes me awhile to GET to the point. You should hear me tell stories . . . wooo-doggy . . . people are always like, “okayyy, we get it, get to the point”. My bad, my bad. I said, MYYY BADDD. Dramatics are my experteeese!

Ha. Ha. Ha. I hope you’re still with me here. **clears throat**. Risks, but not just any risks . . . taking risks. For example, running into the middle of PCH during traffic hour is a risk (photo above. . . sorry Mum + Dad). Telling someone for the first time that you are madly, undoubtedly, magically in love with them is a risk. Keeping eye contact with a stranger, a.k.a. caaa-utie walkin’ your way, even when he or she locks eyes with you, oOooh is such a cheeky little risk (I usually win every time). OR, here’s the kicker, stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that leap of faith. Whether it be quitting your job for another to chase down that dream, meeting new people that lift you up to become a better YOU, or joining that kickball league! Yes there is such thing as a kickball league, and I’m absolutely gutted that I was not told about this until it was too late. #putmeincoach #stillwaiting. Bottom line, risks are scary. Trust me, I get it. No one really digs change all that much! Personally the process of change is terrifying, but the outcome of change is a beautiful thing that I love to experience. This entire blogging adventure was a change for both Bree and I, and it still is ever-evolving and changing as time goes on, but man does it feel good to live a life full of risks. To live a life full of faith because we know that no matter what, He’s got our back; because in the end that’s all risks are . . . just having a bit, or maybe heaps of faith that you’re going to be okay no matter what the outcome.

So go on. TAKE THAT RISK. Make that eye contact! Join that kickball league! Quit that job! Chase after your dreams! Run into oncoming traffic! Okay . . . woah . . . got a little ahead of myself. Let’s scratch that last one. My bad . . . again.

You have one life to live on this round planet. How will you choose to live it? It’s never too late to take that risk, and make a change. Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez said it best . . . “This could be the start of something new”. you might as well take the risk & shop my entire look . . . ja’feel?


Foxy Lady Dress :: Shop Lux Clothing (obsessed with this little number)

Mustard-Yellow kicks :: Vans

Hat :: Peter Grimm

Necklace :: Gorjana

Bracelets :: Gorjana

// stay golden

xx makenzie

Photos by :: Birds

Styling by :: Birds

Write-up by :: Makenzie



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