SHARK BAIT oo-ha-ha || Tuna Bites

oh. my. goodness.

People . . . it’s happening.

it. is. H O T.

Southern California is not messing around lately with the high temperatures! Not only is it hot, but it’s . . . wait for it . . . humid. What is this Florida!? I think not. Hey California, Florida called and they want their humidity back. In case you were wondering, yes, I am crying laughing at that joke . . . aren’t you? Maybe I’m mixing up the puddle of sweat pouring from my forehead with tears. Same, same.

With temperatures climbing, and we aren’t seeing any air-con in our near future, the time has come to get creative with our food choices! Turning on a stove, an oven, or anything else that resembles heat sounds miserable, so SMOOTHIES IT IS! Well, smoothies, and this little recipe we threw together. For all our fish lovers this ones for you **winks and points out towards audience**. Benefits of the Tuna Bites ::

 – Tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a.k.a. something that the body can’t produce so we must eat!

– Tuna is essential for heart health, and reducing your risk of heart disease.

– Tuna is full of vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, B12, and B6.

– Cucumbers contain multiple B vitamins, are rich in water, and fiber which promotes healthy digestion, and helps ease the feelings of anxiety and stress!

– Garlic keeps away vampires. HA! Gotcha. Just wanted to make sure you’re still with me.

– Garlic regulates blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

– Red onion gives you all that extra fiber to top it all off!What you’ll need ::

– 1 can of no salt added tuna (our preference is albacore, but yours could be yellowfin etc.)

– 1 cucumber

– organic mayonnaise (we went with Chosen Foods 100% Avo Oil Mayo from Sprouts)

– half of a red onion

– 1 garlic clove

– salt + pepper for taste!Let’s take it Step by Step ::

  1. A handy dandy trick that Bree did, and it left me in awe. Open your can of tuna, and whilst the tuna is still in the can, take a knife and slice 5 times horizontally, and 5 times vertically. Maybe this is a thing people have always done to easily break up tuna, and I’m the only idiot that didn’t think to do so. Either way, take advantage!
  2. Pour out tuna into a bowl, and add your preferred amount of mayo. This all depends on your tastebuds! We suggest adding a little at a time, and tasting in-between.
  3. Add into the bowl your garlic, onions, salt, pepper, and MIX IT ALL UP!
  4. Slice your cucumber at a diagonal. You want to make these slices chunkier than usual for a nice crunch!
  5. Ever-so-slightly add your tuna concoction atop each cucumber slice.
  6. WA-LA! Enjoy every bite.

Stay Hungry

xx bree + makenzie

Photos by :: Birds

Recipe by :: Birds

Write-up by :: Makenzie


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